This Low-Waste Shampoo Powder Makes My Hair Smell Like Roses — and It's Travel-Friendly

Don't be fooled by the tiny bottle. This Meow Meow Tweet shampoo powder will last for months and reduce your hair-care routine's environmental footprint.

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I've long loved the idea of shampoo bars. The plastic-free hair-care products meet my environmental standards and seem as promising as liquid shampoo, but, IRL, they've yet to live up to my expectations for soft, weightless tresses. Instead, the ones I've put to the test have consistently left my locks feeling rough and bone dry, even after applying a dollop (or three) of conditioner. Though they're only the size of your palm and are completely solid, the bars still make a mess in your suitcase while you're traveling — unless you stash it in a Ziploc bag, which, TBH, defeats the purpose of the eco-friendly pick.

Recently, though, I discovered a low-waste shampoo that I can fully get behind: Meow Meow Tweet's Rose Geranium Shampoo Powder (Buy It, $24, Made from plant-based, easy-to-recognize ingredients such as coconut, aloe vera, marshmallow root, and olive oil, Meow Meow Tweet's shampoo is a powder concentrate that transforms into a foaming lather with a splash of water and a few rubs between your palms. The floral-scented powder comes in a 2-ounce recyclable aluminum bottle with a screw-on cap, making it small and secure enough to stash in your carry-on bag without worrying about the shampoo leaking all over your toothbrush. (Been there, done that, and do not want to go back.)

Despite its tiny size, the canister packs the same amount of shampoo as four standard-sized (~12 ounce) liquid bottles, according to the brand. And the folks behind Meow Meow Tweet aren't lying: In the roughly two months that I've been sudsing up Meow Meow Tweet's shampoo powder, I've used just one-fifth of the 2-ounce container. Thanks to this innovative design, I'll be tossing fewer bottles in the recycling bin over time, and my hair-care routine will have a smaller carbon footprint, as the powder is lighter to ship than traditional liquid shampoo, according to the brand. Plus, Meow Meow Tweet is Climate Neutral Certified, so the company will offset all the emissions it does create while producing and delivering its products. (

Meow Meow Tweet

Buy It: Meow Meow Tweet Rose Geranium Shampoo Powder, $24,

Aside from all the Earth-friendly features, Meow Meow Tweet's shampoo powder earns a gold star in the cleansing category, too. Unlike my previous shampoo — which often left my hair feeling weighed-down and equally as greasy as it did pre-wash — the coconut-based, vegan powder magically cuts through built-up gunk and sweat, leaving tresses squeaky clean. Case in point: A half teaspoon of the shampoo (roughly the size of a nickel)was mighty enough to remove what seemed like half-a-bottle's worth of hairspray from my curled locks after a wedding.

I'm not the only one who's obsessed with the powerful powder, either. "I was really skeptical, but Meow Meow Tweet has yet to let me down...This stuff is amazeballlllls!" writes one reviewer. "The lather is perfect, and for how much hair I have, I didn't need over a nickel/quarter size amount. It leaves my hair smooth, shiny, and it really helps with my natural waves/curls. It looks cute in my shower and hardly takes up any space. This is the future!" Another fan notes that the "absolutely amazing" shampoo leaves "hair feeling clean but not stripped," and a third reviewer says the product made their dried-out, bleached tresses "soft and wavy and balanced."

With its Mother Nature-approved, compact packaging, luxurious rose scent, and hair-softening, grease-busting formula, Meow Meow Tweet's shampoo powder is practically guaranteed to make you look good — and feel good about it, too. And the label's adorable illustration of two cats cruising on a tandem bike is a welcome, spirits-lifting bonus. (Up next: Waterless Beauty Is the Eco-Friendly Trend That Could Also Save You Money)

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