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Metallic Highlights Are Going to Be This Summer’s Prettiest Hair Trend


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With the amount of chrome-like liquid lipsticks, highlighting sticks, and eyeshadow palettes that launched this year, it’s safe to say that people are downright obsessed with all things metallic. The light-reflective trend is far from over, though. It just moved on to hair color, and we’re shocked to say that metallic highlights might be one of the prettiest beauty trends we’ve seen in months.

"Balayaging your hair with metallic shades like rose gold or silver creates that same sunlit look, using a more sophisticated hair color palette," explained Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas in a statement about the trend. "You can add metallic balayage highlights to a conventional-toned base or incorporate them into an all-over metallic hair color effect." Papanikolas achieves this using the Matrix Mixed Metals shades across the SOCOLOR and Color Sync Watercolors collections.

Simply put, this hair trend is about adding in subtle metallic streaks to brighten up your look and can be considered an alternative to your go-to seasonal blonde highlights. (Related: The At-Home Hair Treatment That'll Make Your Hair So Much Shinier)

It's already a hit on Instagram, too. Some of the looks we've caught sight of are icy blondes with silver highlights and barely-there hints of rose gold. If going pastel or platinum is absolutely terrifying to you, consider this your first baby step towards mastering the always-popular spring trend. (Related: Metallic Workout Clothes to Make You Feel Like a Fitness Star)



Metallic Balayage

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Pair it with a rose-gold eyeshadow and you're set.


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