These Microblading Gone Wrong Tales Will Have You Clutching Your Brows

You might vow to draw your own eyebrows in forever after reading about some of these horrible microblading gone wrong experiences from Reddit.

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When microblading is done right, it can be amazing — waking up with perfect brows is nothing short of a dream, TBH. On the other hand, if you've seen photos of microblading gone wrong, then you know it's possible to end up with poor results...or worse. One corner of the internet where you can read quite a few horror stories? Reddit.

In one post titled "My microblading HORROR story," Reddit user u/adsy wrote about their allergic reaction to microblading. While on vacation abroad, u/adsy decided to visit their cousin's microblading salon on a Sunday, they wrote. On Monday, they woke up with blood and pus on their pillow, but thought that it was part of the healing process. "I felt no itchiness. Instead puss and blood continued to ooze out of my eyebrows," they wrote. "I wasn't sure what was happening, and it was only until Monday evening when I was out and pus dripped onto my eyelid that I figured something was definitely wrong," they explained.

After some research, they found out that their nickel allergy could be to blame for the reaction since inks commonly contain nickel, and decided to go to a hospital. "Because I was on holiday I had to go to a private hospital and pay out of pocket to be seen," u/adsy wrote. "I was having a severe allergic reaction which could have possibly turned into an infection. I was given a huge needle in my ass (hydrocortisone shot for severe allergic reaction) as well as creams, antibiotics, and pain medication," they detailed.

Similarly, Reddit user u/kit_branc posted about having a surprise reaction to microblading that included redness, bumps, and swelling, which may have been caused by an allergy or infection. "Salon told me it had to be an ink allergy because they used everything clean and new," they wrote. However, a doctor ended up determining that the brows were infected and prescribed antibiotics.

Another user posted about a more long-term struggle. U/natalie12691 has been posting updates throughout a years-long attempt at laser tattoo removal. "Long story short, the woman cut me too deeply, giving me a permanent tattoo," they wrote. "Because the ink entered the dermis, it pooled underneath my skin and turned blue-gray. I have to shave my eyebrows off every laser session and the sessions are terrifyingly painful," they shared. In an update, they wrote that eight laser sessions in, they still have "neon yellow" brows.

While these microblading-gone-wrong stories aren't a reason to avoid the treatment altogether, they are proof that you should choose a technician carefully and ask a lot of questions before committing. That way, you'll be less likely to end up with negative health effects or disappointing results.

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