This KonMari-Inspired Makeup Brand Will Make a Minimalist Out of You

Minori promises thoughtful additions to a paired-back beauty routine.

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When Anastasia Bezrukova decided she wanted to declutter her life, she went all in. Bracing for a move from Toronto to New York, she gave away 20 or so garbage bags' worth of her belongings. She binged Youtube videos and books about the KonMari Method for tidying and even became a certified KonMari consultant in 2019 (yes, that's a real thing), a side gig to her career as a beauty buyer.

As Bezrukova was helping her clients declutter, she started noticing that beauty products in particular were a sticking point. "I realized that women, all of us, regardless of whether you work in beauty or not, have a lot, a lot, a lot of skin care and makeup, most of which we actually don't use on an everyday basis," she says. "When I was helping them declutter, they would say they had anxiety about their beauty products and had spent thousands of dollars on stuff that they weren't really using."

At the same time, Bezrukova was reckoning with her own history of buying beauty products and holding onto them. She attributed the habit to her childhood when money was tight and resulted in a desire to buy things in excess in adulthood. Bezrukova decided to make a personal commitment to become more mindful moving forward, by shopping from small purpose-driven brands and only buying things that would add value to her life. (

A particular trip to Sephora shifted Bezrukova's thoughts to how beauty brands might sell products without encouraging overconsumption. She made a trip to the store while on the hunt for products to use for her wedding after a trial run with a makeup artist left her feeling overdone. "It felt like 75 percent of the stuff in that store I could never wear on a day-to-day basis," she says. "I told myself, I feel like we're missing a brand that doesn't do this crazy, big collection, but on the contrary, does a much more curated, everyday, essential, collection that's super focused and easy for the customer to shop."

Bezrukova acted on the idea and created Minori, a new brand for minimalists who don't want to completely give up buying makeup. (

Appropriately, Minori — short for "minimalist origins" — launched with a collection of three multi-purpose products. The lineup includes a highlighter that doubles as eye color, a non-sticky lip gloss with subtle shimmer, and a blush that you can apply to your cheeks, eyelids, or lips. Bezrukova opted for a cream-to-powder finish on the highlighter and blush due to her own experience with cream formulas that would feel sticky. "Cream-to-powder has a very soft finish," she says. "If you touch your face, you feel zero stickiness. It stays on longer than typically cream products, but it doesn't actually look like a powder. Your skin still looks dewy." (

Minori Cream Blush

Buy It: Minori Cream Blush, $32,

The shade range of each product is equally streamlined, with each shade having been chosen for its potential to flatter all skin tones. (The blush, highlighter, and gloss come in two, two, and four shades, respectively.) "When I was a buyer working with brands, I would feel like there were two shades that were the best sellers, and that would work well on everyone from fair to deep," she says. "But then we have these crazy collections of all the other shades, most of which don't work for most people. I said, 'Why don't we focus on the shades that are universally flattering, keeping things simple. Whatever your skin tone, you don't have to worry about it not looking good on you.'" (

Further rounding out the brand's conscious consumption ethos, Minori's products are vegan and Leaping Bunny-certified, and the formulas are produced at a small family-owned lab in Texas. The brand has posted guidance on its website on how to dispose of its packaging. It's joined TerraCycle's Zero Wast Box program, and when you're done with your plastic caps or lip gloss tubes, the brand can send you a prepaid label to send them off to be recycled. These elements wouldn't necessarily get recycled were you to drop them in curbside recycling, which not everyone has access to in the first place. (

Whether you're a minimalist in search of the next thought-through addition to your makeup collection — or a maxmalist who's also a sucker for cream blush — you can look to Minori for your next beauty buy. The products are available now at, and will launch at Detox Market on July 14.

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