You can create this super-simple, high-impact style in minutes.

By Kylie Gilbert
July 30, 2017

Some GoT hairstyles are so elaborate and time-consuming to recreate, they're pretty much reserved for Halloween costumes. Not this one. Executing Missandei's signature style involves one braid that takes minutes from start to finish-even for braiding newbies-and the result is a super understated-yet-elegant look that's fit for pretty much any occasion. (Seriously, we'd wear this to the gym and to our own wedding.)

Here, the three steps for the Missandei-inspired French braid crown, as created by Takashi Ashizawa using Oribe Hair Care:

1. Separate hair ear-to-ear and start French braiding the front section, starting behind the ear, continuing to the opposite side.

2. Once it reaches behind the ear, pin in back to hide.

3. To give more lift on the crown, gently back comb or curl pieces to create natural volume at the roots.


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