Mix It Up


Blending products, such as concealer with eye cream, is an easy way to get the look you want.

Sexier legs. If you want subtle, sheer color that hides razor nicks, spider veins, or mosquito bites, and can even replace nude pantyhose on hot days, add a quarter-sized amount of liquid bronzer or dark foundation to a walnut-sized amount of shimmering body lotion. Try the technique on your chest to hide sun damage, too.

Stay-put sparkle. To keep shimmering powders from coating everything from your clothing to your carpet, apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel (or any light moisturizer) first, then immediately brush on the shimmer.

Not-so-raucous red. Cool down crimson lips with any brownish lip gloss.

Complexion combo. If you crave the satisfying, sloughing feeling of a granular scrub but not the occasional red, irritated aftermath, try mixing in some of your regular facial cleanser to dilute it. Lather, massage and rinse as usual.

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