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This Model DGAF About What You Think of Her Unibrow

By now, you know that the bold brow trend is here to stay. (And we're totally okay saying "see ya" to the pencil-thin brows of the '90s.) There are extreme versions such as wavy brows, "McDonald's" brows, feathered brows, and even braided brows. But with all the experimentation, somehow growing hair between your brows is still taboo. Welp, that's news to Sophia Hadjipanteli, who is not about to get rid of her luscious unibrow just to fit in. The Insta-famous model posts plenty of selfies, and her bio clearly states her allegiance: #UnibrowMovement."


My heart is so full today

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Hadjipanteli has provoked plenty of trolls for not conforming to beauty norms—shocker—and she has some words for the people who feel the need to point out her unibrow as if she doesn't already know it's there. "I wear makeup because it is fun," she wrote in one post. "I have a unibrow because it is a preference. AT THE END OF THE DAY just do you cuz imma be doing me whether you like it or not."

Yep, you won't find this badass beauty hiding her God-given assets—not only does she not hide them, she accentuates them. Hadjipanteli tints them black and conditions them with castor oil nightly, she told Harper's Bazaar. (Here's how to use castor oil for thicker hair, brows, and lashes.) We love rooting for women (models or otherwise) who show off their so-called "flaws." (See Winnie Harlow celebrating her vitiligo.)


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