Because embracing your body is about more than just loving your waistline

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: March 08, 2019

We're all about #bodypositvity (um, have you been following our #LoveMyShape campaign?), and while it's super important to embrace your figure, the majority of the body positivity conversation focuses on, well, the body.

That's changing. As part of Men's Fashion Week in Milan, designer Moto Guo sent models down the runway sans makeup, showing off some very visible acne. We're used to seeing some bold things on the runway, but the actual "I woke up like this" look might be the bravest.

A photo posted by Roberta Betti (@roberta.betti) on Jun 20, 2016 at 6:26am PDT

We talk a lot about focusing on what our strong bodies can do rather than how they're proportioned or the number on the scale, which-don't get us wrong-is freaking awesome and empowering. But what about all the other body issues that make us insecure?

While many people wouldn't think twice about stepping out in a crop top regardless of the current state of their six pack (or lack thereof), showing off your acne is another story entirely. Somehow, we feel like our skin needs to be either perfectly clear or covered up. That's why we love Moto Guo's message: your fresh-out-of-the-shower face is beautiful and worth showing off, whether it's in your yoga studio or on the runway. Now that's #flawless.



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