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The Moisturizer Application Trick That Helps You Get More Out Of Your Products


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With the many serums, oils, essences, gels, and creams available, finding your favorite skin care products through trial and error can take effort. But picking out products isn't the only game-changer in your beauty routine; how you apply them can also make a difference in your skin. Incorporating facial massage when applying a product can increase circulation, which has anti-aging benefits. Take the time to give your face a proper rubdown when dabbing on your products in the morning or evening, and you’ll see and feel an instant upgrade. Not only will you have a daily moment of relaxation, you'll make your products more effective. (While you're at it, turn your beauty routine into a meditation session.)



For the best effects, dip your index and middle fingers into a facial oil or a moisturizer, then massage the pressure point directly below your pupil along your orbital (eye socket) bone in a circular motion for 60 seconds to two minutes, says Gabrielle Francis, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a licensed massage therapist in New York City. (Try one of these natural oils.) This motion increases blood flow and oxygen to the area, which “helps rejuvenate tired skin,” Francis says. (That's why face workout classes that incorporate massage have become a thing.) Couple that with the small endorphin rush you’ll get from this simple act of pampering, and you’re primed to look refreshed and feel revived.


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