Industry pros reveal how to stay fit and beautiful in an ugly economy

Just because the economy is sluggish, doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite beauty treatments or your fitness regimen. We've rounded up six ways you can adapt your beauty and workout routine so that it'll cost you less cash!

At-Home Hair Color


Don't have the time or cash for regular salon visits? If you're going no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color, you can use an at-home kit. Make sure to go by the description and not the picture on the box. If you can't stand the thought of doing it yourself, ask your colorist to weave a variety of warm highlights through your color in the same color family so you can go 10 weeks between visits instead of the average six.

Do-It-Yourself Nails


Even at just $10-20 a pop, that weekly mani adds up! Instead, try nail appliqués-they're all the rage right now because they are affordable, easy to apply, and make great accessories! Nail Bliss Bling offers appliqués that can be applied in four easy steps and worn as a full cover look or used as accents to your favorite polish. Simply apply appliqués, then cut into desired shape and file down to fully cover your nails. You can wear them for up to a week and they're only $5.99!

If you prefer a more classic look, you can still nail a good manicure at home-all you need is 30 minutes. Click here for our step-by-step guide to salon nails.

Online Personal Training


Want to get in shape like a celebrity but can't afford a 24/7 personal nutritionist, chef, and trainer? Fitness icon and trainer to the stars Jake Steinfeld of "Body by Jake" believes you can makeover your body on a budget; which is why he founded For less than $2 a day, you can have access to personal trainers and personalized fitness and nutrition programs online.  Some sites, like FitOrbit, also provide personalized meal plans complete with suggested recipes/ingredients and even local restaurant menu suggestions, plus 24/7 interactive support from a devoted trainer.

Get a Healthy Glow at Home


Gone are the days of streaky, smelly, orange-looking self-tanning products. Now you can use products like Jane Iredale Tantasia instead of going to an expensive spray tan salon and get the same results! Plus, we all know it's much safer than spending hours in the sun or a tanning bed.

Remember to exfoliate first and allow adequate time for self-tanning products to dry. Also, look for products that contain 'aromaguard,' which eliminates the telltale self-tanner odor, and aim for one that's made without chemical dyes. For a little bronze boost on top of your tanner, try Nars Body Illuminator, which gives a temporary color with a gorgeous sheen.

Skip Bi-Monthly Brow Shaping


Don't let your brows bust your budget. New York-based cosmetic surgeon and skincare expert Dr. Tracy Pfeifer suggests skipping the professional tweeze/wax. Instead, use an at-home eyebrow shaping kit like this one from Anastasia. It contains brow stencils to help you identify and define the perfect brow shape for your face and is available in several shades to match nearly every hair color.  It has all the tools you need to create a perfect brow at home, for a fraction of the price to visit a pro!

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Cut Pricey Derm Appointments


Hyperpigmentation or the darkening of patches of skin caused by increased melanin (i.e. too much time in the sun) is common after the summer season. Instead of trying to eliminate hyperpigmentation at the end of summer with expensive in-office treatments or prescription medications, prevent it altogether by avoiding the sun, wearing a hat, and using appropriate sunscreen. Dr. Pfeifer suggests using one with an SPF of at least 30 and reapplying it every two hours or using a mineral powder SPF such as Colorscience, which does not need to be reapplied as often.

You can also try a daytime protection cream, like Repechage Biolight Brightening Protection Cream, which contains zinc-oxide, a mineral sunscreen. And don't forget clothes and swimsuits that have built in sun protection such as Parasol and HydroChic.  Protecting your skin now will save you tons of money in the future!