We're not going to lie, some of these sound weird AF, but if you're brave enough to give them a go, they can save you money and give you crazy-good results.

By Kylie Gilbert
December 01, 2016

It's no secret that beauty bloggers are continuously pushing the limits when it comes to weird techniques (see: butt contouring) and ingredients (see: laxative as a face primer). We have to admit that often times we're left just wondering, "why?!?!?" but sometimes we come across gems that we actually consider trying for ourselves. While brow-raising, these easy hacks get the job done and will save you some cash money while you're at it. (Here, some quick beauty hacks from YouTube beauty blogger Stephanie Nadia to get you out the door faster in the morning!)

Wasabi Lip-Plumping

According to a video posted a few days ago (which has racked up 7.3 million views), social media star Farah Dhukai uses wasabi as a 'natural lip filler' for longer-lasting results than traditional lip plumpers. Supposedly all you have to do is take a tiny amount and rub it all over your lips, leave on for no more than one minute, and then wipe off with a damp cloth, and follow up with a lip moisturizer. According to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., who Refinery29 talked to about the trend, it *is* safe to use in moderation, so feel free to try it out for yourself as long as you don't apply too much too often, or have sensitive skin.

Soap Brows

Still relying on tons of pomades and brow mascara for fuller brows? Well, turns out you can get some pretty amazing results without shelling out for fancy brow-specific products. The Internet is going ~crazy~ for "soap brows" (just scroll through #soapbrows), the latest hack for getting natural, bushy-looking brows popularized by this video from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram account (of brow guru Anastasia Soare), which now has 1.1 million views and 1600 comments. All you do is wet a spoolie brush with warm water, rub it onto your bar of soap, and brush up your brow hairs for an instantly filled-in effect. The verdict: They really did make our brows look fuller and fluffier, even without following up with a brow pencil!

Shaving Cream as Face Wash

Out of face wash? Apparently, you can use shaving cream to get the job done, according to this video posted by beauty blogger Maria Yeager. Despite plenty of "wtf" and "Lol this is so stupid" comments, it did seem to get the job done. According to dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D., who Cosmopolitan spoke to about the safety of shaving cream as a makeup remover, the ingredients are of course tested to be used on the face, so they may be 'safe enough.' Not so much for use as an eye makeup remover though-the harsh ingredients including aicids can be irritating to the eyey and too harsh for the sensitive skin around your eyes, she said.

Raw Beets as a Lip Stain

Beauty blogger Raychel Newton took the whole edible beauty thing to the next level with her #facefulloffoodchallenge where she used mac and cheese powder as an eyeshadow, a Snickers bar as a contouring stick, and a stick of butter as a highlighter to name just a few of her crazy swaps. Clearly, we don't condone this (not everything you can eat is safe to be applied to your skin!) but there were a few hacks that seemed pretty harmless, like those using more 'natural' ingredients like cacao powder and coconut oil. One that we're down to try? Raw beets as a lip stain. (FYI you can also use beet powder as a natural cheek stain. Find out how, and see more edible DIY beauty hacks here.)