This Body Wash Completely Erased My Back and Chest Acne In Just Two Months

Thanks to blemish-fighting salicylic acid, deep-cleansing glycolic acid, and soothing green tea, shoppers and myself alike are seeing incredible, freaky fast results. 

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No one wants to hear it, but back and chest acne are really hard to get rid of. I struggled with bumpy skin for years, trying cleansers, exfoliants, and probably every salicylic acid wash on the market — but nothing controlled my breakouts enough to make me feel confident in a tank top. Little did I know, I was just one product away from saying goodbye to body acne forever.

Deep into quarantine, I started my day with a skin-care TikTok deep dive and came across a review of the Murad Acne Control Acne Body Wash (Buy It, $44, that piqued my interest. Already a Murad fan — thank you Essential C-Cleanser for turning me into a glowing goddess — I purchased a bottle after reading just two reviews on the brand's site because they were seriously convincing. (BTW, TikTok has so many beauty discoveries worth checking out.)

Acne Control Acne Body Wash

Buy It: Murad Acne Control Acne Body Wash, $44,

Formulated to target active breakouts and prevent new ones, the body wash pairs deep cleansing salicylic acid with glycolic acid, which together break down oil and the bonds between dead skin cells that clog pores. Additionally, this body cleanser contains soothing green tea extract and licorice root to calm red and inflamed skin.

After receiving my package from Murad, I immediately incorporated the body wash into my shower routine, scrubbing it over my back, shoulders, chest, and anywhere else a cluster of pimples decided to wreak havoc on my body. After cleansing with it consistently three days a week for two weeks, I noticed a dramatic difference in the number and size of my breakouts. After a full two months of consistency (just in time for summer), I confidently stepped out in my brand new backless sundress and felt amazing. For the first time ever, I looked down at my chest and saw bump-free skin, and my back was completely clear too!

A year later, my body remains breakout-free, even after swapping out the acne-fighting cleanser for a fresh and fruity one. (FYI, I still keep a bottle on deck just in case.) While I would definitely call my results miraculous, I realize there might be some skeptics out there. But hear me out: Others, who have used this Murad formula, also claim amazing, freaky fast results. (

"I have sensitive skin and my back suddenly started massively breaking out in acne earlier this year. After a few months of other products not working, I tried Murad's body wash on a whim, and, the next day, my partner made a comment on how much better my skin looked. After a week, my back was super smooth and few (if any!) new acne formed. Highly, highly recommend it!" raved one reviewer.

Body acne may be hard to get rid of, but hard-working products, like Murad's Acne Control Body Wash, are here to help. Even if you've struggled with back and chest breakouts for years, this product might just blow your mind (and convince you to add a few bold low-back items to your wardrobe).

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