Temporary Nail Tattoo Designs Are Now a (Brilliant) Thing

If you're interested in achieving cool nail art at home, you'll want to learn how to use these nail tattoos that just launched at Ulta.

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Photo: Inked by Dani and Nails By Mei

Temporary tattoos aren't just for kids — everyone should feel free to pile on quirky designs that they might not ink on themselves permanently. But if you feel that you've outgrown them, you might be more interested in a lesser-known, slightly more subtle application: temporary tattoo nail art.

Inked By Dani, a temporary tattoo brand beloved by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kourtney and Kim Kardashian is behind the genius concept of temporary nail tattoos. Debuted in March of this year, the company's nail tattoos are just like traditional temporary tats — so you can also apply them to your skin if preferred — but they're scaled down in size to fit on even the shortest of nails. And since you're transferring ink from paper to nails, you can score a salon-quality design without any of the added thickness or potential lifting at the edges that often accompany decals or stickers.

Now, the brand has teamed up with nail artist Mei Kawajiri (aka Nails By Mei) to roll out a new Inked By Dani x Nails By Mei tattoos (Buy It, $13, ulta.com). If you've ever browsed Kawajiri's Instagram after spotting her work on the hands of Gigi Hadid, Megan Fox, among other celebs, you know that she specializes in intricate illustration (exhibit A) and 3D sculpting (shown here). Her collaboration with Inked By Dani features 50 Y2K-inspired designs, including bubble letters, butterflies, and the like.

As far as how to tattoo your fingernails with the designs, the application process is the same as with regular temporary tats. You'll cut out your chosen design, remove the plastic covering, and press the tattoo onto your nail with the colored side down. Then you'll dampen the sheet with a little water, hold for a few seconds, and peel off the now design-less piece of paper. Finish off with a layer of clear top coat to seal everything in and, violá, you're left with next-level nail art that might very well trick people into thinking you paid a visit to Mei herself. (

Inked by Dani and Nails By Mei

Buy It: Inked By Dani x Nails By Mei Holiday Nail Art Kit, $13, ulta.com

When applied over polish or bare nails, the nail tattoos can last up to two weeks. But you can also put them on your skin, and they'll last anywhere from two days to two weeks, depending on whether you apply them to an area that gets rubbed a lot, according to the brand.The tattoos launched at Ulta on Friday and are priced at $13. Another option, a $20 set including a sponge, spray bottle, and additional sheet with full-sized is available on the Inked By Dani website.

With the temporary fingernail tattoo designs, you can give yourself nail art that would take a very skilled hand to pull off with paint. If you're a perfectionist with zero skills in the nail art department, they might be the shortcut you've been wishing for. (Up next: Winter Nail Designs You Can Totally Manage at Home)

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