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The Nail Trends You'll See Everywhere This Spring

Upgrade Your Mani This Season

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When it comes to the nails of A-list celebs like Kerry Washington, not just anyone is allowed to touch. That’s where Lisa Wong, manicurist and education ambassador for the nail pros at CND comes in. She can turn her clients' fingertips into works of art and is at the cutting edge of the hottest mani trends every season.

Now that it's time to transition your manicure to spring, we checked in with Wong for advice on how you can upgrade your nails—and even DIY! Read on for her top five tips.

Think Muted

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“This season is all about muted pastels, like the greens, oranges, and yellows in CND’s new Open Road collection,” says Wong. “The colors are free-spirited and a bit vintage with a sandblasted quality inspired by a journey through the desert from dawn to dusk.”

Give Thirsty Nails a Break

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“No matter the season, it’s always important to keep nails and the surrounding skin conditioned and flexible by using a conditioning cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil,” says Wong. Apply it once or twice a day to prevent your nails from becoming dry and brittle, she adds.

Go Ombre

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The fadeout trend isn’t just for your hair: “We’ll be seeing earthy textures and ombré fades on casual shaped nails for an effortlessly chic look,” Wong says.

Save Time

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Vinylux, which is available in salons nationwide, is a new revolutionary weekly polish—it’s durable, high-shine, and lasts for a week (no chipping, we promise!). The system includes a self-adhering color coat (which means no base coat necessary). Even more: Vinylux dries completely in just eight and a half minutes—standard nail polish usually takes 15 or 20 minutes to dry—and comes in over 65 different colors.

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Create a new look on your own or try this one that Wong made specifically for us! How to do it: Apply two thin coats of Vinylux in Sun Bleached as your base color. On a separate sheet of wax paper, apply a clear topcoat, immediately followed by Vinylux in Sage Scarf, Mint Convertible, Clay Canyon, Desert Poppy, Sun Bleached, and Powder My Nose (colors here), in that order. Let sit for about one minute, and then drag a striping brush through ever so lightly to mix the colors and create a marbling effect. Allow the polish to dry on the wax paper, then peel off and press on to your nail. Remove any excess surrounding the nail and apply Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to secure.


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