I'll Take This Nair Leg Mask Over Shaving Any Day

The leg mask is effective at hair removal *and* it feels like a moisturizing treatment.

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Nair Leg Mask
Photo: Nair

I can't even remember the last time I shaved my legs. Of all the hair removal practices I've tried, it's my least favorite. I mean, there's so much surface area to cover only for your hair to grow in all stubbly practically hours later. And having to bend over or prop your leg up in the shower to reach your ankles? Not ideal.

So when my coworker handed me the Nair Leg Mask (Buy It, $9, amazon.com) to try (pre-pandemic), I was super excited. An alternative to the abhorrent shaving that also claims to moisturize, exfoliate, and minimize hair regrowth? Girl, you couldn't sign me up fast enough.

Now, I know my enthusiasm might seem a little, err, strange to all those shaving devotees out there. But guess what? My coworkers were equally as eager for me to give this leg mask a go, bursting with their own questions: Would it sting like other depilatory creams? Would it actually feel like a moisturizing treatment? And how would you occupy yourself for 10 minutes while your legs are covered in cream? Fueled with the Shape Squad support, I headed home that eve ready to give the product a try so I could report back with an in-depth Nair Leg Mask review, stat.

Before hopping into the shower, I applied the cream, washed my hands, waited for 10 minutes, and, finally, rinsed it off in the shower. (Although, FYI: You're actually supposed to wipe the leg mask off with a damp washcloth before rinsing.) As for the result? Eh, not so great — I still had a few patches of hair hanging out on my legs. But I reasoned that this was my fault, as I failed to apply a "thick" layer per the instructions and didn't wipe it off with a washcloth. Being a hair removal cream newb, I was worried that the product would burn.

Hoping it was truly a case of user error, I gave the Nair Leg Mask another chance the following week. This time around, I made sure to slather on a generous layer, although I still couldn't be bothered with a washcloth 😬. To my relief, it still didn't sting. And a short 10 minutes later (all of which I spent on Instagram), I emerged with legs like a newborn seal, making me an official convert. Seriously — I've been dedicated to the leg mask for hair removal ever since.

ICYMI, I fricken' love this product. While hair removal creams have a reputation as being harsh on your skin, this bad boy feels like using a soothing clay mask on your legs — and it works similarly too. The exfoliation-focused leg mask contains hydrating algae extract and clay, which can help unclog pores and absorb oil. Not worried about clogged pores (body acne)? The leg mask also comes in charcoal and shea butter versions meant to brighten skin and even out skin tone, respectively. As far as the hair removal aspect, I can go a solid five days without noticeable regrowth. I repeat: five days.

And, if the Amazon reviews are any indication, I'm not the only one who has such lasting results.

"Normally I hate the brand and never ever had much luck with the brand's other hair removal products. Read a few reviews and decided why not. This stuff is great, you will have to shave some little spots but it gets 98 percent of the hair and leaves your legs feeling super soft and smooth. [The] only downside is you have to leave it on for 10 min so gotta try to find somewhere comfy to sit and not get the cream to rub off everywhere 😂 but it's a great product I'm very satisfied with my purchase will be buying more," one person wrote.

Maybe you like having leg hair or you're an adamant member of Team Shave. But if you've ever wished for a better way to remove your leg hair than one that involves razors and uncomfortable bendy positions, I'd definitely suggest picking up the Nair Leg Mask.

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