The Neutrogena Skin360 app relaunched this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

By Rebecca Norris
January 07, 2020

Two years ago, Neutrogena launched the Skin360 app and attachable SkinScanner device, giving skin-care gurus everywhere a chance to get super up close and personal with their pores right in the comfort of their home.

The innovative launch effectively transformed smartphones into dermatologist-level skin-care devices capable of detecting dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and more to help determine the optimal skin-care routine for each user. The only downside: The attachable SkinScanner device, which allowed you to zoom in on and analyze your skin with a 30-times magnification lens and a dozen high-powered lights, set you back $50.

But this week, Neutrogena relaunched the Skin360 app and nixed the pricey SkinScanner device. Now, the do-it-all app requires nothing but your front-facing smartphone camera. Translation: You can (finally) use Neutrogena's Skin360 app for free.

While the app no longer comes with a separate zooming attachment, it can still perform advanced skin imaging, offer an accurate assessment of your complexion, and create a skin-care routine personalized just for you. (BTW, here's exactly why you need a nighttime skin-care routine.)

Here's how it works: After downloading the Skin360 app and signing up for an account, the app will prompt you to take a few selfies of the front and sides of your face. In lieu of the attachable SkinScanner device, the app's 180-degree selfie analysis uses built-in Perfect Corp YouCam technology to assess things like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dark circles, and smoothness of your complexion. The Skin360 app then compares your selfies to 10,000 other selfies shot across a range of different ethnicities, skin types, and ages, as well as varying levels of lighting. Once the analysis is complete (it only takes a few seconds), the app gives you a score between one and 10 in five different areas (wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, smoothness, and dark circles), plus an overall average score, to help determine if you need to improve, maximize, or maintain these different factors.


Next, the app automatically takes you to a text conversation with your virtual skin health coach, aka the Neutrogena AI Assistant (NAIA). NAIA not only helps you better understand your Skin360 Score, but it also asks you a few questions about your general lifestyle (including your stress levels, exercise habits, and sleep schedule) and skin-care habits to help you set goals and create a routine that's realistic for you. Whether you're a skin-care novice or devoted beauty guru, NAIA offers product recommendations (from both Neutrogena and other skin-care brands) tailored to your skin type and preferences, creating an 8-week approach to help you reach your unique skin-care goals. (Here's how to tell if you're using too many beauty products in your skin-care routine.)

In addition to recommending products and helping you create a routine, NAIA checks in with you regularly about your skin-care, sleep, exercise, and stress levels, and it even prompts you to take weekly progress photos to ensure that the recommended routine is working for you. "As more data is tracked, NAIA will use machine learning to improve analysis and recommendations, getting more precise and intelligent," Michael Southall, the global research and development lead of Neutrogena Skin Tech, said in a statement.

Intrigued? The new version of the Skin360 app is available to download for free on both iPhone and Android.

But wait, there's more! Later this year, you can expect another must-try launch from Neutrogena: the Neutrogena MaskiD. Once the MaskiD app becomes available, it'll use its own unique technology, plus the data from your Skin360 app, to create personalized, 3D-printed sheet masks tailored to your specific face shape and skin concerns, according to a press release. (Until then, check out these dermatologist-recommended face masks for every skin type, condition, and concern.)

In the meantime, start collecting your skin-care data now in the Neutrogena Skin360 app so you're ready to go by the time the MaskiD launches later in 2020.



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