Eyebrow extensions are becoming a popular way to get that full brow look everyone's vying for. Get the scoop on the newest beauty trend

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If you're lacking in the eyebrow department and dream of copping Cara Delevingne's signature look, eyebrow extensions may be your way to wake up with flawless brows. No matter how many creams or serums you apply, the simplest way to make your face look younger and perfectly symmetrical is to properly define your brows-and you might not be able to achieve that with just makeup.

While this procedure tends to be pricey (ranging between $100 and $300), it could be a profitable investment for anyone who buys all sorts of brow gels, pencils, and brushes without satisfaction. We spoke with professionals about all things extensions, so that you can see if this latest trend is right for you.

So, How Exactly Does This Work?

There are two different types application types, one that goes directly on the existing brow hairs and one that is applied to the skin. Skin applications are beneficial for cancer patients and women with conditions like alopecia and hypothyroidism.

"The applications involve a thorough brow design process, then individual brow extensions are applied to either existing hair or directly onto the skin by a trained professional," says Courtney Buhler, founder of Rectifeye Brows.

Though the idea of gluing hair to your existing eyebrows sounds painful or uncomfortable, Buhler insist that extensions are nothing to freak out about. Regardless of the type of extension technique, you won't be subjecting yourself to beauty torture. "The process is relaxing," says Buhler, "and most women fall asleep!"

How Long Does It Last?

Depending on which type of extension you use, your statement brows could last up to an entire month before it's time to schedule a touch-up appointment.

"The hair-to-skin technique only lasts about 7-10 days, while the hair-to-hair technique usually lasts about 3-4 weeks," says Nadia Afanaseva, founder of Eye Design by Nadia Afanaseva.

Besides being dependent on the type of adhesives and application techniques used, everyday maintenance of your extended brows will help to keep them looking flawless for longer.

"The general rules for maintaining the life of the brow extensions are to be gentle on them and not grind them into your pillow as you sleep," says Buhler.

Is It Worth Trying?

Whether you're looking to add some drama to your beauty look or camouflage tweezing mishaps, eyebrows are the key to naturally enhancing your face. Adding length to a feature that you constantly work to perfect could shave minutes off of your prep time in the morning and promote self-confidence. (It's the same reasoning behind hair extensions.)

"The most rewarding experience for our clients is to see the realistic texture of the brow extensions and no longer have to pencil brows in every day just to feel normal," says Buhler.

If you're comfortable sitting through the extension process and are tired of fussing with your brows, it may be worth it to invest in extensions rather than stocking up on brow products. If you can't afford this beauty treatment, grab your brow products and learn The Best Way to Fill in Your Brows.