ELF Cosmetics just dropped new products designed to keep pores clear.

By Renee Cherry
Updated: October 05, 2017
Photo: ELF Cosmetics

Everyone has a personal approach to wearing beauty products for a workout. Some ladies take a firm stance that bare-faced is best, and others have a #sorrynotsorry approach to wearing allll the makeup. (Related: How Bad Is It *Really* to Wear Makeup to the Gym?) No matter how minimalist or extra you are, something from ELF Cosmetics' new active collection is bound to spark your interest. The brand just launched the collection of makeup and skin care on its website, and each product is meant to wear while you work out. Everything is less than $8, which certainly doesn't hurt.

The collection includes seven items that are all sweat-resistant and designed to not clog pores. (See also: Can Athleisure Makeup Stand Up to Workouts In 90-Degree Weather?) In terms of makeup, you'll find a mascara and brow duo, eyeliner, silicone sponge duo, and a lip and cheek palette. Each is formulated not to smudge from sweat, meaning you won't end up with raccoon eyes after a Spin class. (Here's more makeup that stands up to the sweatiest of workouts.)

For the no-makeup crowd, the collection also includes skin and body products to stash in your bag and make your gym-to-work hustle a breeze. There's a hydration stick, a post-workout cooldown mist that doubles as a setting spray, and cleansing body wipes for when showering isn't an option. Whether you buy one product or the whole collection, your bank account won't take a hit!



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