Introducing the "vajacial," a vagina facial designed to soothe, soften, and tighten your down-there area

By Refinery29
January 28, 2015
Corbis Images

Today in beauty treatments you never thought existed, allow us to introduce you to the vagina facial, a.k.a. the "vajacial." Apparently, you can now treat your vag to a soothing, relaxing skin-care treatment in your own home, according to telecommunications site The practice is likely to become popular following the success of vaginal steaming (which, let's be honest, is questionable in its own right).

Created by Lisa Palmer, the facial came about after she "looked downstairs" and realized her vulva "was a bit wrinkly and dry compared to when I was younger," she told BT. So, she decided to concoct a recipe that she claims combats dryness, improves elasticity, and even tightens the vagina. What's in this "vajacial," you ask? A mix of coconut oil, vitamin E cream, honey, and egg white that Palmer instructs you to apply to your vulva.

On one hand, we do keep the rest of our body well-moisturized and pampered, so why not show our yoni a little non-masturbatory lovin'? On the other hand, getting raw egg whites (and the E. coli they can harbor) into your vagina could cause a whole host of problems. Plus, with the breathtaking variety of vulva shapes, sizes, and colors out there, who even cares about a few wrinkles?

For Palmer's entire recipe and step-by-step instructions, click over to BT. We'll be sticking to DIY facials for our faces, though. Thanks. [Read the full story on Refinery29!]