These $13 Pimple Patches Literally Soak Up Pus and Oil Like a Sponge

Amazon customers say they’re “worth every penny.”

Nexcare Acne Cover, 108 Count, Invisible, Drug Free
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Whether you're noticing more pimples pop up because of "maskne," stress, or both you're probably looking for a quick and lasting solution to your skin woes. Before you break out harsh over-the-counter medications, consider Nexcare's $13 Acne Cover patches (Buy It, $13 for 108 patches,, which Amazon shoppers highly recommend.

Acne patches aren't a new concept, and most work by simply drying out your zit. Nexcare's Acne Cover patches, however, decongest your pores like a skin-care sponge, literally sucking the pus and oil out of your pimples for gentle yet quick results. Not only do they get to the root of the problem, but they're also non-drying, so you're not replacing your blemishes with flaky, peeling skin. And since not all acne is the same, the patch packs come with two patch sizes to accommodate both larger and smaller pimples. (

Nexcare Acne Cover, 108 Count, Invisible, Drug Free

Buy It: Nexcare Acne Cover Patches, $13 for a pack of 108 patches,

Perhaps the best thing about the clear pimple patches is that they change to white once they've effectively mopped up all your pimple's dirt and oil. Nexcare suggests wearing these patches while you sleep because the process is slightly gross (albeit oddly satisfying), but it's 2020 and the same "ick" rules no longer apply. Amazon shoppers point out how easy it is to wear the patches under your face mask so you can discreetly treat your acne while you're on the go.

"I've been getting a lot of maskne since I wear an N95 all day for work and my face gets moist," one reviewer writes. "This covers the acne and by the end of the day my acne has decreased in size."

If you're suffering from non-maskne-related pimples, like cystic or hormonal acne, Amazon customers are quick to mention these patches still deserve a spot in your skin-care routine. "These are absolutely amazing!" raves one happy shopper." I have suffered from cystic acne all throughout my 30s. I was willing to try anything that wouldn't make the bumps worse or cause scars and these little discs are perfect. They draw out what is trapped, they stick and stay, and you can even wear them under your makeup if you want! Not to mention once you see what they look like after 12-24 hours you will be so glad you are drawing that nasty stuff out of your face in a gentle, non-painful way."

Not only will these patches work to cure your acne, but Nexcare notes that the physical act of covering up your blemishes can help to reduce the urge to pick at your pimples, which in turn can help to reduce acne scars. (

While ~a lot~ about 2020 may still seem like chaos, you can take back some control with your acne by grabbing a pack of Nexcare's affordable Acne Cover Patches right now to reap the benefits of visibly less congested pores.

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