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Next-Level Holiday Beauty Inspo When You Want to Look Festive

Metallic Hair Tattoos

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When celeb hairstylist Kristin Ess posted this photo of Lucy Hale we immediately fell in love with the pretty celestial look. As Ess told Teen Vogue, all you have to do is "grab a pack of Scünci's shimmery metallic designs, cut them into strips, scatter them along your part, then douse with water." (It's also a great way to use those extra flash tattoos that have been laying around since your last music festival!)

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Photo: Instagram @kristin_ess

Glitter Highlighter

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When your run-of-the-mill highlighter just isn't doing the trick, opt for this next-level version. Because it really doesn't get more festive than gold glitter paired with a deep red lip.

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Photo: Instagram @beautybyphillippa_

Rainbow Eyes

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The makeup artist who created this look revealed that in addition to MAC gold glitter, she actually used matte liquid lipsticks to get these vibrant shades—proof your makeup is way more versatile than you think.

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Photo: Instagram @a1mee_mua

Copper Lids and a Bold Red Lip

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Who says you can't draw attention to your lips AND your eyes in the same look? Choose a warm coppery hue and skip the mascara or eyeliner and you can still rock your bold red lip. (Bonus points for adding a temporary hair color like this cool blue.)

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Photo: Instagram @toofaced

Gold Foil Hair

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According to Sarah Lund, the Kevin Murphy stylist who created this look, it takes just a few steps to achieve this gold foil perfection. Apply hairspray where you want the foil to stick (she suggests the hairline or part line) and then place flecks randomly, patting in with an eyeshadow brush. Spray over everything again and allow to dry, then use the brush to lightly tap and drag the foil to break apart the pieces. Voila!

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Photo: Kevin Murphy

Pink and Gold Glittery Lips

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While this might take more time than say, a swoop of eyeliner, the impact is well worth the investment. The makeup artist behind this epic ombre lip explains she used products from the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Christmas collection plus rose gold and gold glitter pigments. (No word on how it holds up against champagne and baked goods.)

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Photo: Instagram @aaannelinde

Gold Metallic Liner

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This makeup artist used makeup legend Pat McGrath's new METALMORPHOSIS 005 kit (which can also be used to create metallic lips if you're feeling really adventurous) to create this simple yet memorablel molten gold look.

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Photo: Instagram @carlosalyse

Metallic Silver Brows

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Have you noticed a trend yet? Metallic everything is clearly in right now and this swipe of silver is an edgy way to do it if you don't want to look all dolled up.

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Photo: Instagram @IntotheGloss

Rainbow Glitter Braid

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All you need is some Major Moonshine temporary hair glitter to pull off this epic rainbow braid from celebrity hairstylist Daniel Moon. (Psst: Here's how to make your own glitter hair gel.)

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Photo: Instagram @majormoonn

Bold Blue Liner

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If you prefer to go brighter with your eye color, a swoop of bold, sapphire liner will do the trick. (We're also big fans of this abstract turquoise liner.) 

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Photo: Instagram @Maybelline


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