This $5 Lip Gloss Is the Lip Product I Measure All Others Against

I've been loving NYX Butter Gloss for years, and I don't plan to stop using it any time soon.

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From leggings to margarine to leather goods, plenty of products claim to be "like butter" as a selling point. And while some are more worthy of the comparison than others (LBH, margarine is closer to wax), NYX Butter Gloss fully lives up to its name with its exceptionally creamy formula.

I first bought NYX Butter Gloss (Buy It, $5, several years ago, after deciding to purchase everything featured in a budget-friendly makeup tutorial I saw on Youtube. The gloss, which I'd bought in a bubblegum pink shade called Éclair, became my favorite of the new additions to my makeup stash. But it wasn't until I misplaced the lip gloss and was straight-up mourning my loss that I realized just how impressed I was with the product. (

While just about every other lip product I've tried is lacking in some regard, there's literally nothing I'd change about the NYX lip gloss. It adds color that lasts hours but feels comfortable the entire wear. The gloss has a sugary scent and juicy finish that takes me back to the 90s without crossing into gloopy territory that creates a magnet for stray hairs. While I find that a lot of, quote-unquote, moisturizing lipsticks, and even glosses can be drying, the NYX Butter lip gloss actually delivers on its promise to leave your lips feeling conditioned. (

NYX Butter Gloss swatches from top to bottom: Angel Food Cake, Fortune Cookie, Éclair, Marshmallow, Summer Fruit, Apple Strudel, Marshmallow (duplicate), Creme Brûlée. Courtesy of Renee Cherry

Plus, NYX has expanded on the lip gloss since I first made my discovery, most recently with a new range of shades catered to darker skin tones as part of the brand's Throwback Fall 2021 collection. At the same time, original shades including Éclair and my new favorite, the mauve-pink Angel Food Cake are still available. Cinnamon Roll, a fan-favorite cool-tone brown shade that was relaunched as a different shade, is back to its original color by popular request. And the price of NYX Butter Gloss hasn't gone beyond $5 in a time when actual butter can cost 12x as much. (

NYX Butter Lip Gloss

Buy It: NYX Butter Gloss, $5,

Granted, this is no under-the-radar discovery. NYX refers to Butter Gloss as one of its "cult favorite" products, with a tube of the bestselling gloss reportedly selling every 8.4 seconds. It's almost as if NYX Butter Gloss has a permanent spot on Amazon's makeup bestsellers list (it's currently within the top 10 and is the highest-ranking lip product on the site), where reviewers have referred to the gloss as "perfection," worth "hoarding," and "absolutely 💯 top of the line A plus magnificent!"

If you're not much of a makeup person, this might all seem like a bit of an exaggeration — I mean, we are just talking about a lip gloss, right? Well, I'm willing to seem a bit over-the-top if it means putting yet another "cult fanatic" on to this longstanding favorite. It's that good.

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