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The One Hair Dryer Actually Worth Carrying In Your Gym Bag

After months of hype, the infamous Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is *finally* available to purchase at Sephora. Although pricey (it will run you a cool $400), it's pretty much a game-changer for any person with hair who blow dries it regularly.

If you only ever use your gym's super-basic communal dryer, or still use the same clunky, loud version you've had for years, you don't know what your hair is missing. Why? Well, the "intelligent heat control technology" in the Dyson keeps it from getting too hot, so it can't reach those damaging temps and "fry" hair in the process. (The makers of your mom's favorite vacuum cleaner invested a casual $71 million developing the product, and spent four years studying the science of hair, so you know they're taking their foray into the beauty biz seriously.)


Perhaps one of the biggest selling points is the powerful, yet tiny motor that's 'a third of the weight, and half the size of other hair dryer motors' which translates to a dryer that's comparable in size to travel-sized options on the market—but with performance power that outweighs any full-sized dryer we've ever tried. (Seriously, it's hella fast—it actually cut down our locker room drying time in half.) Basically, throwing it in our already-way-too-heavy gym bags is a no-brainer.

If the design didn't have enough of a 'cool-factor' for you, Jen Atkin (who regularly works with the Kardashian klan and Chrissy Teigen; and recently launched her own haircare line) is also behind it, so you know it's good. (Related: 2016 Shape Beauty Awards: The Best Hair Products On the Market)


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