The fizzy body lotion will soothe your sunburn with a refreshing, ice-cold sensation.

By By Chloe Anello
Photo: OUAI Haircare

Jen Atkin, Kardashian-approved celebrity hairstylist and founder of OUAI Haircare, stole our hearts (and money) with her chic, accessible hair brand that speaks to exactly what the millennial consumer wants. Now, she's launching her first just-body product with this summer-ready After Sun Body Smoother (Buy It, $25,, a fizzy, foaming body lotion that soothes the skin after a sunburn. (Related: 5 Soothing Products to Help Treat Sunburn)

"Because we were the first socially driven hair-care brand and established credibility with our community, it only felt natural to enter into a new category that was requested heavily by our OUAI fam," says Atkin. "Our customers love on-the-go products that you can throw in your bag, so it only felt right to create a summer essential with an updated twist on ingredients."

The body smoother gives you an at-home cryotherapy experience with ingredients like aloe leaf juice, cucumber extract, and rosehip oil to calm inflammation, rehydrate, and immediately cool down burned skin. As soon as you spray, a fizzy sensation hits your skin and instantly feels ice-cold. Plus, it comes in a sleek gold can, which is much more Insta-friendly than your regular tube of green aloe gel, and it has a delightful custom fragrance of Fijian coconut and pineapple. (Related: Beauty Products That Stimulate Your Senses In Intense New Ways)

Although Atkin doesn't have plans to move out of the hair world, you can expect to see many more product twists from her and OUAI in the future. "We are definitely excited to experiment with new categories while staying true to our community's needs," she says. "I think what's fun about new brands is there aren't rules to making good products. You earn your community's trust and grow with them."

And as for whether she'll create a sunscreen to complement the body-smoother: "Never say never!" she says.

OUAI After Sun Body Smoother is currently available on but will be shoppable at Sephora online and in stores beginning April 30.


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