This Bikini Trimmer Makes Grooming Down There Easier Than Ever — and It's Just $30

“This razor changed my life in a matter of minutes. I have never been able to shave this well.”

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Whatever way you wear your hair, err, down there is a matter of personal preference. But if you do prefer to keep your pubic area relatively groomed, figuring out a routine that works for you can be a challenge. Waxing and sugaring treatments at salons might deliver precision and smoothness, but the cost of professional hair removal can add up fast. And while a trusty razor can get the job done, it might not give you the most satisfying results (in addition to leaving behind some aggravating razor burn and, if single-use, especially hurting the planet). This is why, for many people, a good bikini trimmer is nothing short of a "life saver" — and Panasonic's Electric Shaver (Buy It, $30, is a great, budget-friendly option.

The difference between a bikini trimmer and a razor is that the former isn't intended to make you totally hairless. Instead, you can think of it as an electric tool that can give you a close — and even buzz — cut. That's great and all, but what if you want the option to go naked down under from time to time? Would you have to buy a razor too? Not necessarily, as this device from Panasonic just so happens to work as both a trimmer and a razor. It comes with a detachable trimmer head that's great for grooming the bikini area but also features stainless steel blades that can be used directly on the skin for a close shave. Meaning, you can use the same device for your legs and your nether regions — that is, of course, if you so desire.

And the possibilities don't stop there: The rechargeable gadget also boasts a pivoting, waterproof head that can be adjusted five different ways, so you can decide exactly how close you want to shave. This feature also makes it so the device can glide effortlessly across the contours of your body (be it those nooks and crannies in between your legs or the always-pesky ankles). Just want to do some clean-up (vs. a full-on shave)? The pop-up bikini trimmer's got you covered. You can, however, take it to the next level with the bikini comb attachment that's designed to capture stray hairs and help shape the area to your liking. (


Buy It: Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, $30,

With over 31,000 five-star ratings, the Panasonic bikini trimmer is a favorite amongst Amazon shoppers who are impressed by just how well it can groom the pubic area. "I wasn't sure I believed the hype about this razor, but I figured, for the price, it was worth a shot to combat my chronic bikini area razor burn issues," shares one reviewer. "Let me tell you, I will NEVER go back to shaving my bikini area with a razor again….The pop up trimmer handled some of the longer hairs very well, I just used that all over first. Then the foil shaver [gave me] a nice smooth shave. No bumps or nicks like I used to get from shaving with a razor." (

"This razor changed my life in a matter of minutes. I have never been able to shave this well," writes another customer. One reviewer even went as far as to say that the device was gentle and precise enough to achieve a full Brazilian shave, "with or without shaving cream."

No matter how you prefer your hair down there, Panasonic's bikini trimmer can help you groom it to your liking — and for just $30, it's way more budget-friendly (and convenient) than salon upkeep.

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