5 Peloton Instructors On How They Look So Damn Good Through Every Class

These beloved Peloton instructors are masters at using makeup to shift their mood and create a vibe. Here, their go-to products, makeup tricks, and skin-care necessities.


Many of us are looking for fresh ways to motivate these days. What will psych you up to get moving? "Logically, we know that what drives us to exercise is the long-term reward of being healthy and fit," says Sherry Pagoto, a clinical psychologist and a professor at the University of Connecticut.

"But that isn't always powerful enough to prevent us from choosing TV or a nap. So it's key to make our workouts enticing in the moment." To pinpoint some motivators, it can help to work backward and think of what's sabotaging you. "Are you working out in old T-shirts that make you feel schlumpy or in a cold basement? Then upgrade your outfit or move your equipment to a room that gets natural light," says Pagoto. A new playlist helps, as does a workout buddy — even a virtual one.

And highly entertaining and inspiring fitness instructors — like the ones at Peloton — do wonders. Among many other things, they've taught us that the focused glide of a lipstick bullet across your mouth can provide some real oomph. Here's how five of them achieve their signature looks.

Olivia Amato

Olivia Amato

Lipstick Is a Ritual

"I bring the tube into the studio and swipe it on as my last step. Mentally, I'm like, 'Game on. Let's do this.' I like a bunch of lip colors, but if I'm wearing red, it's MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Russian Red [Buy It, $19, ulta.com]. To get it to stay, I apply lip primer and lip liner before it and then two coats. And I always check my teeth."

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MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Russian Red


Her Makeup Game Has Never Been Stronger

"When I started at Peloton, I'd been doing the same muted makeup since I was a teen. But that look didn't show up on-screen, so I learned how to go bolder to capture everyone's attention. It has totally transformed me, making me feel comfortable to try different makeup off the bike too. I've gone from Chapstick to Russian Red." (

Ally Love

Ally Love

Makeup Gets Her In the Zone

"Putting on my face helps me step up my game — even at a 6 a.m. class. When you look good, you feel good, right? Everything — the playlist, hair, outfit, workout, and makeup — creates a vibe. The show starts as soon as I walk onstage. (BTW, here's how Love stays fit off-stage.)

That said, when it comes to makeup, for me, it's the lighter the better. You'd think I have a ton more makeup on than I actually do, but I've found that what works for me is making sure I'm using just the right products vs. more products."

How She Bosses Up

"When it's boss time, I go bold with fierce brows (I love a good brow brush from Make Up For Ever [Buy It, $21, makeupforever.com]), a deep red lip, and lash extensions. And I love getting lash extensions. During the pandemic, I've been applying Lashify lashes [Buy It, $145, lashify.com]. They're long-lasting faux lashes; growing up, we called them bangers. Bold brows, bangers on: That's my signature makeup move."

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Make Up For Ever Angled Eyebrow Brush

Make Up For Ever

Her No-Sweat Solutions

"I apply a primer, a quality foundation, and sometimes a high-definition setting powder. Make Up For Ever also makes a contouring palette [Buy It, $45, makeupforever.com] that works really well for me. The key is a light hand, so everything doesn't get heavy and streaky. My goal is to amplify my natural features so they aren't drowned out in the stage lights and to complement my inner beauty."

Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde Oyeneyin

Beneath It All

"I'm a wild skincare junkie. Yes, I love color, but the product will only look as good as the canvas you're putting it on. You have to protect your skin. You only get one face so you do have to do a good job of taking care of it. The older I get, the more knowledge I'm able to acquire about how to treat myself better, whether that's my body, my skin, whatever. I swear by SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E [Buy It, $154, dermstore.com]. I also use a vitamin C and a great SPF. Both are non-negotiable."

The Power of Makeup

"Whether I'm wearing it on the bike or off, makeup reflects my mood and tells the world how to react to me. Glitter brings out my fun side. I'll put Make Up For Ever glitter [Buy It, $20, makeupforever.com] along my lash line, by the inner corners of my eyes or sprinkled on the side of my face. Wherever it falls is where it's supposed to go."

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Make Up For Ever Star Lit Glitter in Champagne

Make Up For Ever

What's Always On

"Revlon ColorStay foundation and concealer, mascara, peach or rose blush, and lipstick. I'm the queen of mixology to get my perfect red. [To keep lips smudge-proof], apply one layer of a long-wear liquid lipstick, let it dry for 10 seconds, then add a second layer. I don't press my lips together — just put on the color and let it sit." (

Career Goals

"Before Peloton, I was a makeup artist, which is when I realized that my life's purpose is to give people confidence. Doing that as a makeup artist felt good. Doing it as a Peloton instructor for hundreds of thousands of people feels great."

Aditi Shah

Aditi Shah

Makeup Is a Choice

"I don't think of it as frivolous or as something I have to use to fit in. It's a way to express myself. I do it for me."

About Her Go-to Cat Eye

"Growing up, the makeup I saw my grandmother use was kajal — a homemade black smudge pot that she'd apply with her finger to her waterline. Today, you can find kajal (aka kohl) in eyeliner form, so wearing black liner always brings me back to my grandmother and that little traditional smudge pot.

The cat eye also feels like such an iconic glam look, something that's stayed relevant and popular for a very long time in many different places, from timeless Indian icons like Sharmila Tagore and Rekha, to modern day stars like Ariana Grande and Adele. I've tried every type of liner, and a pen — my favorite is Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Liquid Liner [Buy It, $22, sephora.com] — is easiest."

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Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Liquid Liner in Black


The Rest of Her Routine

"I start with Beautycounter's foundation [Buy It, $45, beautycounter.com], then add Hourglass concealer [Buy It, $34, sephora.com], which always holds up in my classes. And I love an orange blush; mine is Lawless Beauty Make Me Blush Velvet Blush in Phoenix [Buy It, $29, sephora.com]."

That Skin Though

"I wash my face every night and apply Drunk Elephant Lala Retro moisturizer [Buy It, $60, sephora.com] mixed with a few drops of rose hip oil. The meditations and yoga classes I teach probably help too.

I also strongly believe in hydrating — I definitely notice and have experienced that if I'm not eating well, it will show up on my skin. I need to hydrate, eat decently, and get enough sleep. In the morning, I fill a mason jar with water and drink that first."

Kendall Toole

Kendall Toole

Take Care and Be Mindful

"I often talk about removing your mask and being your authentic self. But let me be clear: Makeup isn't a mask. It gives me a kick, especially on days I'm not 100 percent. It's a great way to express self-love.

I used to just slap my products on. Now I'm thinking about the anatomy of my face, taking the time to massage it and encourage lymphatic drainage. I also hang my head over the edge of the bed every morning to get the blood flowing."

Face Comes First

"After skin care, my makeup starts with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation [Buy It, $64, sephora.com]. Then I put Sweat Cosmetics Foundation Powder [Buy It, $42, amazon.com] on top; it's my secret weapon for keeping everything in place. Mascara is my favorite — I love my long lashes but they're not the darkest. Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara in Brynn [Buy It, $24, thrivecausemetics.com] is my favorite because it doesn't melt when I'm on the bike, is vegan, and comes off easily as tubes. Last step, bronzer. I'm from California, so I need it! NYX Professional Makeup Matte Bronzer in Deep Tan [Buy It, $9, amazon.com] is awesome."

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Sweat Cosmetics Water- and Sweat-Resistant Mineral Foundation


Now Color

"This is how I tell the story of my ride. For my Metallica ride, I didn't have smoke or lights or fire. But I did have eyeliners. On repeat: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencils in Lucky and Rockstar [Buy It, $22, sephora.com]."

Because We've All Wondered...

  • Do they really do their own makeup and hair? "Sure do. So if I ever look crazy, that's why," says Amato.
  • Why are they not covered in sweat like we are? "I have multiple fans aimed at me," says Oyeneyin.
  • And why are they not dealing with terrible breakouts? "I take my makeup off as soon as class ends and follow a skin-care regimen," says everyone.
  • Time it takes to plan a class? "Two hours minimum," says Toole.
  • Are they actually doing the workout at the intensity they're calling out? "Yes, we really are," says Toole. "Sometimes I'm thinking, 'Why did I make this so hard?'"
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