Nude, pink, plum, and red lips reveal something very different about your personality, says a new survey by COVERGIRL

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It may not matter whether you're blonde or brunette-ladies rockin' colored lips are truly the ones that have the most fun. At least that's what a COVERGIRL survey shows. (Try one of 10 Lipsticks that Stay on All Day.)

The makeup giant surveyed women about their lipstick and lifestyle habits, finding that the more often you wear lipstick, the more confident you are. Women who gloss up more than four days per week not only feel better about themselves, but also hold more senior positions at work than ladies who keep their lips au natural. (This Two-Minute Trick Keeps Lipstick Off Your Teeth.)

Most of us aren't letting those pretty puckers go to waste, either: Women who wear lipstick are going on nearly three times as many dates compared to the plain-lipped. They're also more likely to have a one-night stand and, interestingly, own nearly twice as many heels as their chapstick-loving comrades.

Just as important as the decision to don lipstick, though, is which color to choose. COVERGIRL actually previously partnered with Harvard psychologists to look at how cosmetic combinations impact the way people judge a woman's attractiveness and personality, even unconsciously. And, along with the new survey results, the brand found each shade determines what kind of woman you're telling the world you are.

Red rockers are deemed more creative and daring by others. They are also the most likely to be out of the house and at a bar on a Saturday night. They're most likely to exercise at least five times a week. Get it, girls!

Pink lipstick wearers are perceived as more sociable and fun-loving. But pink is also the color of power: Senior executives are more likely to own a shade of pink, whereas more junior ladies wear plums or nudes.

Plum puckers allow women to seem more independent and self-sufficient. Women who wear berry shades scored on the more mellow side of all survey questions, as they stay home on the weekends, rarely post selfies, and own the least number of shoes compared to other shade wearers.

Nude lips help women seem more warm and caring, which is why psychologists recommend trying a nude shade for that first date or a night out with good friends. Plus, you get the perks of the women who wear lipstick most often (like more confidence) while emphasizing your natural coloring.