From fishtail, to french, to waterfall, check out these expert hairstylist tips for every kind of braid

By Refinery29
November 06, 2014
Getty Images

There are people who are amazing at braiding, and then there are the rest of us. Try as we may, we can't seem to form the correct patterns to weave a fishtail or a French plait. Frustrating? Completely. But, no matter how many "tips and tricks" we read, our fingers refuse to work.

So, we turned to sought-after pro Antonio Velotta from the prestigious John Barrett Salon-self-proclaimed #braidking and creator of the Bottega braid. "My grandmother taught me how to braid hair," he says. "I used to do it for my friends on the playground."

We asked him: What are the one tip and the one product we need to create every perfect woven hairstyle out there? Want his words of wisdom? [Read the full story on Refinery29!]