Celebrity hairstylist Michael Duenas shows you how to use just your blow dryer to zap sweat and revitalize limp hair post-workout in minutes.

By Kylie Gilbert

When you have just a few minutes to spare post-workout in the locker room and no time to shower, your sweaty, limp hair might seem like a lost cause. But according to celebrity hairstylist Michael Duenas, you *can* build major volume even if you have literally one minute and a blow dryer (seriously no other fancy tools or brushes required.) "If you need to revitalize your hair fast, your blow dryer is your best friend," says Duenas. "Just take advantage of the hot and cold functions of your blow dryer to unleash its true potential." [Duenas' dryer of choice is the Conair Infiniti Pro 3Q ($99; ulta.com)-"it's light, super quick, and helps keep frizz at bay," he says.]

In fact, your blow dryer's cold air button should be one of the most used features of your dryer, he says. "Always cool your hair down after using the hot air function to add shine, lock in your style for the entire day, and keep frizz at bay." Here, his tips depending on how many minutes you have to spare. (P.S. These are The Best Post-Workout Dry Shampoos for Super Sweaty Hair.)

If you have 1 minute…

Attach the diffuser to your blow dryer, flip your head upside down, and heat your roots until hot. Once hot, with your head still upside down, use the cool shot on the dryer. Blow cold air on the root until it feels cold. Do this all over your head, until you have heated and cooled all of your roots. Flip your hair back up and shake out. The result: Serious volume at your roots.

If you have 3 minutes…

Set your dryer to high heat and air flow, place your hand at your root, and-gripping your hair between your pointer and middle finger-lift your root up with tension, till your mid-shaft. Following your fingers with the blow dryer, use the concentrator to focus the airflow where you want it. Continue to use your fingers to stretch the root of your hair all over your head for natural volume all over.

If you have 5 minutes…

Split your hair into quarters or sixths depending on the thickness and density of your hair. Blow dry one section at a time, until warm, using just your blowdryer and fingers. Once warm, roll each section up to your scalp, smoothly, as if you had placed a large velcro roller in your hair. Clip and secure the hair to your scalp with a long clip. Attach your diffuser to the dryer, and once again, heat the hair up. Once warm, cool the hair with the cool shot switch. When cool, take your hair down from the clip. Shake out, and enjoy boundless amounts of volume.

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February 9, 2019
how about chin length or short hair?