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The Rainbow Unicorn Trend Is the Pick-Me-Up You Need

Unicorn Bark Milkshake

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So this delicious-looking unicorn bark milkshake by Beth Cakes might be the least healthy thing in the world, but everyone deserves a treat now and then, right? And it's just so pretty! (Want a healthier option? Scope these three healthy milkshake recipes.)

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Photo: Instagram/@bethcakesblog

Rainbow Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

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Nothing brightens up a winter yoga class like a super-fun and vibrant yoga mat. ($98;

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Photo: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Rainbow Coconut Smoothie Bowl

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Let's not forget that nature has provided us with naturally rainbow-colored food in the form of fruit. Yum! Check out this pretty smoothie bowl from How Sweet Eatsβ€”it's packed with nutrients and it's super easy to make.

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Photo: How Sweet Eats

Lisa Frank Rainbow Mischief Tank Top

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When Lisa Frank came out with activewear, we were pretty freaking psyched. After all, what could make you feel more badass while you're sweating it out than a crazy-colorful unicorn tank top? ($60;

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Photo: Rage On

Rainbow Smoothie

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Lina Saber, vegan blogger extraordinaire, whips up these rainbow smoothies like it's NBD. Check out the recipe in the comments of her Instagram post. (If you're searching for more vegan inspo, scope these 10 satisfying vegan bowls that make for epic meatless meals.)

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Photo: Instagram/@linasaber

Lotus Leggings Unicorn Dino Leggings

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With these funky leggings, you get both rainbows and unicorns all in one spandexy package. What more could you possibly need? ($50;

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Photo: Lotus Leggings

Rainbow Unicorn Hot Chocolate

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This unicorn hot chocolate from Creme & Sugar in California has been making the rounds on the Internet, and we can certainly see why.

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Photo: Instagram/@cremeandsugaroc

Rainbow Manicure

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Nothing will brighten your day like a full-on iridescent rainbow mani. (For more nail art ideas, check out these simple nail art ideas that will make you feel zen.)

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Photo: Instagram/@heynicenails

Big Bud Rainbow Heart Pin

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Instantly rainbow-fy your jeans jacket or leather jacket with one of these sweet and whimsical pins. ($15;

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Photo: Big Bud

Terez Emoji Rainbow Backpack

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This silly backpack might bring you back to your school days, but its scuba-like fabric makes it perfect for stashing sweaty gym clothes and dirty sneaks. ($80;

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Photo: Terez

Winky Lux Unicorn Tears Lip Gloss

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Holographic lip gloss is a major thing right now, so much so that every brand that makes it keeps selling out. At the moment, Winky Lux makes one of the few versions that's still in stock, so you should probably grab it before it runs out. ($15;

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Photo: Winky Lux


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