Remedies for Problem Areas


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For Wrinkles

Using a cream or serum with topical ingredients believed to impede muscle constriction may help soften lines too, though less dramatically than injectables. Some of these products contain a peptide that mimics snake venom and is designed to safely supply the muscle-immobilizing results of the real thing. GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is another popular ingredient that inhibits muscle contraction with line-smoothing results.

For Thinning Lips

You can get temporary plumping with products containing an irritant, like cinnamon, that causes blood to rush to the lips. Or pump up the volume with a peptide-containing balm and you'll see maximum results after one to two months of consistent use.

For Sagging Eyelids

Topical products containing zinc, essential for the formation of collagen and elastin, can help treat and prevent the problem. Collagen-stimulating peptides also perk up droopy eyes.

For Slack Skin

New hand-held devices emit low levels of energy through red light that may improve tone. The red wavelength causes mild inflammation, increasing collagen production. You may get a 20 percent improvement, but not as much as an in-office treatment.

For Smile Lines

Topical peptides, strings of protein molecules, help activate collagen production, while topically applied hyaluronic acid makes skin look fuller immediately. To help your cheeks maintain a plump, youthful look, apply-morning and night-a serum containing both.

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