It’s so good, I’ve convinced *five* friends to buy it.

By Braelyn Wood
November 05, 2019
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Everyone wants to look like they just rolled out of the salon with an impeccable blowout. Unfortunately, a daily stop to your local blowout bar is likely way out of budget. Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have managed to discover the perfect solution to getting a Kate Middleton-worthy blowout at home: Revlon’s One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush ($60 $39;

Before you roll your eyes at yet another “unbelievable” Amazon find, I have a confession: I was also skeptical of Amazon’s most-wished-for hair tool before I tried it. Seriously, it felt like everyone was raving about it—from my coworkers to the influencers I followed on social media. I couldn’t believe that any hair item could really be that good for that many people—even if it did have over 8,200 five-star reviews on Amazon.

But I’m susceptible to peer pressure and decided to splurge on the Amazon best-seller in the name Let’s be real: I just wanted to know if it was actually as incredible as everyone claimed. Spoiler alert: It was.

Unlike a typical straightener or blow dryer, it’s shaped like a round brush, and the heat is evenly distributed around the entire device—giving you perfectly smooth, straight locks with tons of volume. The unique oval design of the blow dryer-brush hybrid allows you to add some extra lift to your roots and bounce to the ends that you can *never* get with a straightener. (Trust, I previously preferred styling my hair with a curling iron—this $30 curing iron, to be exact—daily rather than dealing with the look of super flat hair I’d often get from a straightener.) While that might not seem life-changing to many people, it's definitely best-seller material to me.

Credit: Amazon

Of course, getting the perfect blowout takes more than a well-shaped brush; you also need the perfect level of heat to simultaneously style and dry your hair without burning your scalp or ends. By maxing out the heat level at 1,100 watts, this brush ensures you achieve the style you want without the risk of overheating and damaging your strands.

If you’re worried the heat is still too high, you can personalize the styler to fit your hair type and texture even further by using the two low-heat settings. Regardless of the heat level you choose, you can always count on the drying brush to evenly smooth and dry your hair thanks to its innovative vent design.

Personally, I love how shiny and smooth my hair feels post-use—presumably because the tool allows me to consistently brush through my hair as it dries, so my locks stay tangle-free while the boar-inspired bristles add an extra touch of shine. Meanwhile, the built-in negative ion technology keeps hair negatively charged, minimizing unwanted static and frizz. (Related: The Best Products for All Types of Frizzy Hair)

While I consider myself a pro when it comes to styling my hair without destroying it, I still appreciate the brush’s ceramic coating, which protects my hair and keeps my strands from drying out. (That said, I still like to apply a healthy dose of argan oil pre-heat styling.) Plus, the brush weighs less than two pounds, so styling my hair doesn’t feel like an intense arm workout, like it often does with traditional blow dryers. (See: Everyday Things That Are Basically a Workout)

All things considered, it’s not really a surprise that I’ve convinced not one or two but at least five different people to buy their own Revlon brush within less than one month of owning it myself. Seriously, it just takes one session with this volumizer brush and a couple days of living with an impeccable blow-out to convince you it’s totally worth the money.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. There are almost 12,000 Amazon reviews for this styler, with users calling it everything from the “best hair tool ever invented” to a “huge time saver.” And according to the reviews, I wasn’t the only skeptic who completely changed their mind after trying the cult-favorite tool.

“I'm a bit of a skeptic. I take that back, I'm a lot of a skeptic, so I ordered this expecting to have this wonderful hair tool fail every expectation I had. Well, now I'm a believer! I timed my hair the other day from fully wet to dry and it was 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES!!!!! Now, I only did a few hair curls in the front because I was rushing to work, but it looked voluminous and shiny. I told every co-worker about it and they cannot believe my hair only took 5 minutes. Believe, my friends! I highly, highly recommend this!” wrote one reviewer.

Best of all, you can score this volumizing dryer brush for just $39 right now. While I happily paid full price—and would do it again in a heartbeat—you shouldn’t let this amazing deal pass you by. Seriously, for the cost of just one blowout, you could change your hair game for good.


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