These Skin-Care Tools Are the Secret Behind Rita Ora's Clear, Dewy Skin

"In these scary scary times, I think it's super important to self-care—look after yourself—and for me, skin is a big, big one."

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Long gone are the days of Hot Girl Summer—not just because it's been a year since last summer (time flies when you're in quarantine, huh?) but also because the nation is still amid a pandemic. This time around, the season is less ~hot and dangerous~ and a whole lot more about safety and "me" time. I call it—drum roll please—Self-Care Summer. And, if Instagram is any indication, celebs from Jennifer Garner (who's been meditating) to Halsey (with her gardening) are here for it.

The latest star to partake in Self-Care Summer? Rita Ora.

In an IGTV posted by ASOS, the 29-year-old singer shared a glimpse of her self-care routine these days. "In these scary scary times, I think it's super important to self-care—look after yourself—and for me, skin is a big, big one," she said.

But Ora's not talking about doing any ole face mask; rather, she's all about treating herself (and her deserving derm) to "deep cleanses" using the Foreo Luna 3. Not only does this egg-shaped device deliver a "deeper cleanse," but it also makes Ora "feel like [she's] had a facial," cleans her pores, and removes any excess makeup she may have missed, she says in her IGTV video. (See also: Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Facial)

But why just tell viewers when she can show them, too? In the video, Ora demonstrates exactly how she uses the Bluetooth-connected skin-care device, first by dampening the brush ("which has the coolest bristles on it," she said) and adding a dollop of cleanser. She then uses the device's app to select her preferred intensity (out of the 16 total levels) and starts scrubbing her skin for the preset 60 seconds. "Ugh it feels so good," she says mid-scrub. "It's like getting a face massage."

The skin-cleansing device—which, BTW, Chrissy Teigen also uses—delivers 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute. These vibrations are essentially super speedy sound waves that deeply penetrate pores to wash away dirt, oil, sweat, makeup residue, and more. As for those soft bristles Ora raved about? They're "silicone touchpoints", which are 30 percent longer and 25 percent softer than the earlier version, Foreo Luna 2, according to the company's website. Meaning: greater reach into potentially yuck-filled pores while delivering an even gentler massage.

In addition to the basic 60-second skin-cleansing option that Ora used in her IGTV video, Luna 3 also offers a variety of other face-firming massages through the phone app. And with 650 uses from just one charge, you don't have to worry about the device's juice after each use.

Okay, but what should you do after each use? I'll defer to Ora, who rinses her brush and her face of leftover cleanser before applying Foreo's "hydrating" Manuka Honey Mask using another Bluetooth-connected device: the Foreo UFO, which uses LED light therapy alongside Foreo's signature T-sonic vibrations to deliver a soothing at-home facial. (Wait, does light therapy for skin really work?)

After selecting the Foreo device and specific mask in the app, Ora applies the mask (which comes in a pad) to the UFO and glides the tool across her face as it gets hot and cold and pulses. "Feels like I'm literally at the spa," she says. "It's so nourishing, so rejuvenating, so ready for bed. For me, I always want to feel like I'm ready for bed." (Uhhh, same—especially since the coronavirus pandemic can really mess with sleep, too.)

The UFO comes in fuschia, pearl pink, and mint. The Luna 3 is also available in three different colors, each of which represents a different skin type—pearl pink (normal), blue (combination), and lavender (sensitive), which is what Ora uses—and, FWIW, what is now officially in my cart because, damn.

Foreo Luna 3

Foreo Luna 3

Foreo UFO 2

Foreo UFO

Foreo Manuka Honey Mask

Foreo Manuka Honey Mask
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