Salon-Worthy Hair Treatments You Can Do At Home In Minutes

Add these products to your self-care day or as a weekly shower treat, and get the benefits of a salon hair treatment at home.

If you're missing your favorite salon hair treatment but want to save money, don't have time, or don't feel comfortable going in (hi, COVID-19), these quickie at-home treatments are about to be your new indulgence. They each take less than 10 minutes, so you can add them to your shower to give your locks a little TLC on any random day, or combine them with a spa-like face mask, dry brushing session, and luxe body oil to turn it into a full-body self-care moment.

5-Minute Color Booster

A color-depositing mask, like the Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver (Buy It, $8, brightens your current hue while you're in the shower — no gloves, no mess — and adds extra shine and hydration thanks to conditioning avocado oil and vitamin E.

"After you shampoo, squeeze out excess water and apply a dollop of tint. Then comb through to distribute evenly," says Patty Slattery, a hair-color expert for Garnier. "Leave it on for five minutes or up to 10 for even more visible color." You can repeat every two weeks. (Want to reboot your color? Also consider a hair gloss treatment you can do at home.)

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Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver


2-Second Strengthener

An out-of-the-shower treatment — one you don't even have to wet your hair for — is the swiftest fix of all. "Target damage by applying a pea-size amount of the Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Balm (Buy It, $28, once hair is dry," says Mara Roszak, a celebrity hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept ambassador.

The balm — which works on all textures — calms frizz, strengthens, and protects hair from heat with nut extracts and soy protein. "For softer, smoother strands, put a bit in damp hair before blow-drying too," says Roszak. (If you want something that sits on longer, consider making a DIY hair mask to hydrate and repair damage.)

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Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Balm


7-Minute Scalp Detox

A healthy scalp is the first step to growing strong hair. (See: Does Your Scalp Need a Detox?) "Think of your scalp as the soil. Its condition determines the health of whatever grows out of it," says hairstylist and Ouidad brand partner Irinel de León. Traditional scalp scrubs with large particles can get caught up in hair, never reaching the skin in need of a deep clean.

To solve that issue, new formulas turn to citric exfoliants, like pineapple juice extract in Ouidad Heavy Lifting Bubbling Scalp Mask (Buy It, $35,, which works its way down, bubbles on contact, then lifts buildup away. "Separate your hair into one-inch vertical sections as you apply the mask directly onto your scalp," de León says. Massage it in for one to two minutes with your fingertips, wait five minutes, then rinse. Use it on any hair type every two to three weeks or whenever you feel as if you need a good exfoliation.

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Ouidad Heavy Lifting Bubbling Scalp Mask


8 Seconds to Silky

After shampooing, apply L'Oréal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water (Buy It, $10, thoroughly, and rinse. That's it. The formula uses lamellar technology to target only the damage in your hair. "Lamellae are made up of amino acids, the building blocks of the hair's protein structure," says Rocio Rivera, Ph.D., the VP of scientific communications at L'Oréal Paris. "They're positively charged, so they latch on to the negatively charged damage." All hair types will be left with softer, smoother texture, no conditioner needed.

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L'Oréal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water

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