Shaving your armpits and bikini line just got a whole lot easier.

By Kylie Gilbert
January 15, 2018
Photo: Schick Intuition

For as long as we've been shaving, we've always been taught to do so in *one* direction, or risk nicks, razor burn, or ingrown hairs. But now, for the first time, you can shave back and forth as much as your heart desires thanks to a new drugstore product: Schick Intuition's f.a.b. razor (which stands for forwards and backwards, ICYWW). The razor has blades on both sides of the razor-the top blades shave up, and bottom blades shave down-so you never need to lift it up. (Related: The ~Real~ Reason Ingrown Hairs Happen)

The brand was inspired to create the product after receiving feedback from women that there's a need to shave in multiple directions, as hair grows differently in all areas of the body, says Eric Kaplan, an R&D spokesperson for the brand.

"New technology that allows for bi-directional shaving may be a game-changer for many people," agrees New York City–based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital. "Especially in areas like the underarm, many women tend to use the razor the way they would use a deodorant stick, back and forth."

Traditionally, shaving back and forth has been one of the biggest no-nos, since razors have moisturizing ingredients built into the leading edge of the razor, and the blade is set to shave hair only in one direction. But this new setup with blades in both directions and built-in moisture gel eliminates that concern, Dr. Zeichner says. (FYI, you should still always use shaving cream to enhance the glide of the razor and soften the hair, and moisturize with lotion afterward to repair any skin irritation, he advises.)

Despite all the above reassurances, we were admittedly still slightly skeptical that it would really do what it said without any horror stories. But while you may not need the back-and-forth functionality when it comes to shaving say, your calves, it really does get the job done more quickly and easily when it comes to annoying spots like your knees, armpits, and down-there-without any cuts or razor burn. (Related: 6 Tricks for How to Shave Your Bikini Area)

We wouldn't venture to say it makes shaving fun, but it got us out of the shower faster so we'll consider it a W in our book. Best part? You can get one at Target now for $8.


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