Amazon Reviewers Say This $5 Dermaplaning Tool Is Better Than a Wax

It's the retailer's best-selling bikini trimmer, and it's marked down to a mere $5 until midnight tonight.

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While there's nothing wrong with embracing your body hair, if you're looking for a way to stop peach fuzz in its tracks, sculpt eyebrows, or to clean up your bikini line before slipping into a new swimsuit, Amazon customers have discovered a crazy cheap product that will save you a trip to your waxing salon. Enter: the Schick Silk Touch-Up (Buy It, $5 for 3,, an at-home dermaplaning tool.

The game-changer helps to remove fine hairs — all while gently exfoliating and smoothing your skin. Even though it's earned its spot as " the great thing about the Schick Silk Touch-Up is that it can be used practically anywhere on your body or face. The other great thing? While it was already super affordable, it's currently on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2020 for a mere $5. (

In case you're unfamiliar with dermaplaning, it's the process of using a sharp blade to gently remove the thin, small hairs from your face or other parts of your body, explains Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a New York-based dermatologist and fellow at the American Academy of Dermatology. You're essentially shaving but with a single, super-sharp angled blade, she adds.

Why consider dermaplaning? It rids your body of hair (if that's what you're after), leaves your skin super soft, and allows for your skin-care products to go on more smoothly — penetrating better, since the tool also behaves like a physical exfoliating device, points out Dr. Nazarian. That being said, you should apply your moisturizer immediately after to benefit from maximum absorption and keep skin healthy, she notes.

Using the Schick Silk Touch-Up is *so* easy. There's no need to prep or exfoliate skin before use since it is meant to be used on clean, dry skin. Pull the skin taut and gently glide the razor downward in the direction of hair growth. That's it. While you don't need to avoid makeup afterward, you do want to stay out of the sun (or wear SPF, which you should be doing anyways) post-treatment, because it can make your skin photo-sensitive.

This dermaplaning tool, in particular, gets Dr. Nazarian's stamp of approval, because you can use it on any part of your body where you want to gently remove fine hairs, she says. The blade is not as well-equipped to remove super coarse, thick hairs, so save areas like the armpits and scalp for a heavier blade, she advises. Since the blade can be somewhat irritating to sensitive skin, avoid areas of active inflammation when using it—especially those with acne or rosacea, cautions Dr. Nazarian.

If you're freaked out that this tool might cause your hair to grow back darker and coarser after using it, that won't exactly happen. "Most people have very fine hairs on their face called "vellus hairs" (read: peach fuzz), and every time you shave your hair, the new hair that grows out will appear thicker — being in its most natural state — as it has not been worn down or thinned out yet." While it might appear darker and thicker at first, it will thin naturally the longer you have it, due to normal wear of the follicle, she adds. (

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Buy It: Schick Silk Touch-Up, $5 for 3,

With over 16,000 reviews on Amazon, the Schick Silk Touch-Up has managed to maintain a solid 4.5 rating. More than 3,000 shoppers have even given the tool five stars, claiming it seamlessly takes care of peach fuzz, perfectly tames eyebrows, and is better than a wax. (

One reviewer wrote: "Love these. As I got older I noticed the thick peach fuzz. I hated it! I hesitated to use this product worried that the hair would come in coarse, but I was wrong. My aesthetician assured me that fine hair like peach fuzz would only grow back as fine hair...the very same. I did my research over the internet and the info was the same. Now I can say that I happily use it and have a smooth, peach-fuzz free face. And the best news is that the hair takes many, many weeks to grow back."

"I have very sensitive skin so I was apprehensive with this product but it did not irritate my skin at all," shared another. "My skin actually absorbed my facial products better than before. I highly recommend this product to anyone! I really love this product and I do not feel myself paying for a lip or eyebrow threading ever again!" (BTW, your sensitive skin may actually be "sensitized" skin.)

"So I tried them for shaping my bikini area and they worked so well I can actually do a perfect triangle or anything else I want. They are extremely sharp though so you have to practice a perfect angle or you will slice yourself. Great product!" raved a customer.

Dermaplaning is not a trend for the lazy (since it requires continuous maintenance), but it's totally fine and safe to do at home if you don't mind an added step in your skin-care routine, says Dr. Nazarian. And just because the Schick Silk Touch-Up comes with a super cheap price tag doesn't mean it's garbage. One Amazon shopper even shared that it knocks their fancy $80 dermaplaning device out of the park.

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