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Sexy Halloween Costumes For Fit Women

Super Fit Superhero

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This Wonder Woman costume makes me feel strong and empowered.

—Jacqueline Green, Ailey II dancer

Where to get the power: Try this sexy superhero costume from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Military Uniform

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Wearing a uniform like this makes me feel like I'm in charge.

—Fana Tefagiorgis, Ailey II dancer

Where to get in charge: Flaunt your stuff in this military costume from

Get buff for this look with these simple moves.

Sailor Girl

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Kelly of Ailey II jumps for joy in this sparkling sailor costume. No surprise—it's cuter than any other sailor suit we've seen!

Where to set sail: We love this adorable sailor costume from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Queen of Hearts

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Look past the Alice in Wonderland obvious and consider the Queen of Hearts. Sarah of Ailey II makes it look regal.

Get carded: Show some leg with this costume from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Greek Goddess

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I'm wearing a Greek goddess costume and it makes me feel regal.

—Elizabeth Washington, Ailey II dancer

Where to get your goddess on: Show some shoulder with this version from

Get sexy shoulders for this look with our favorite sculpting moves.

Jungle Girl

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For a costume that says "don't mess with me," how about getting in touch with your wild side? Kelly of Ailey II shows how fierce a little strategic cloth can look.

Be the queen of the jungle: Try on this version from

Can-Can Girl

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How does this can-can girl costume make me feel? I'm not sure yet!

—Brittany Engel Adams, Ailey II dancer

Get your kicks: Here's the look from Frederick's of Hollywood.

The can-can is all about the legs. Tone your long, lean ones with these 30 tips.

Baseball Player

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Ailey II dancer Jacqueline knocked it out of the park with her flat abs and long legs in this sexy Halloween costume.

Hit a home run: We love this sporty-chic baseball player costume from

Working on those flatter abs for this one? Sculpt your core like a Victoria's Secret model with their very own workout.

French Maid

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This French maid costume makes me feel hot and fierce.

—Kelly Jean Robotham, Ailey II dancer

Where to find your fierce: Get this French maid costume from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Belly Dancer

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A toned stomach and strong legs are the perfect way to show off a flowing belly dancer costume like this one that Ailey II dancer Brittany has on.

Show off your dancing moves: Get the look from


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Fana, an Ailey II dancer, isn't sure what she will be for Halloween yet, but this police costume puts cop into consideration.

How you can look arresting: We love this feminine policewoman look from Frederick's of Hollywood.

China Doll

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I'm trying to think like a Geisha—very delicate.

—Sarah Daley, Ailey II dancer

Where to get it: Take a peek at this china doll costume from

Want to get lean all over for this look? Here are effective tips from professional dancers on how to keep your body slim and strong.

Football Referee

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On Elizabeth of Ailey II, this football referee costume is a definite score.

Make the call: Get this football referee costume from

This outfit is all about the thighs. Thin them up with these 10 effective moves.

Flirty Nurse

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Ailey II dancer Sarah stepped out of her usual rough-and-tumble ninja or newsie Halloween style to test out this very girly nurse costume. Diagnosis? Guys we asked said "hot!"

Where to get it: You need this flirty nurse costume from

Sexy Cat

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Fana of Ailey II works this cat costume—a store-bought version of the homemade classic—with her ferocious feline moves.

Where to get slinky: Try on this skin-tight cat costume from

Look even more amazing with this trim down/tone up plan.

Moulin Rouge

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It's amazing what a costume (and compliments from your friends) will do! I wore this costume in the office and out onto the streets of Manhattan. I say wear whatever makes you happy this Halloween! (Thanks to Frederick's of Hollywood for the costume!)

—Karen Borsari


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