Sexy Swimsuits for Every Bust Size


Having bigger bosoms makes simple things in life more difficult than they should be. I'm not necessarily speaking from experience; I'm just sayin'. For example, things like running full-speed or even trotting for that matter, become tedious and somewhat painful experiences. Forget wearing tube tops, backless dresses or spaghetti strapped sun dresses unless you want to spend a fortune hunting down bras that suit each individual article of clothing's need. Need a sports bra? Better double up. It goes without saying that the general theory of swimwear becomes a "mission impossible".

I, along with other busty broads, spend a significant portion of our lives on the prowl for the perfect bra, sports bra and bathing suit. It's never a fun task, and I often end up in despair.

That is, until recently.

Allow me to introduce you to the concept of leaning on someone that specializes in areas that we do not- also known as Town Shop, (the best bra, lingerie & bathing suit fitters in NYC), which is located in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

The experience that one will have when visiting Town Shop goes something like this:

You will enter a store that is less than aesthetically appealing off the bustling street of Broadway. You will dodge women in all moods, with and without children (depending on the time of day) and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of skivvies hanging to and fro. You will navigate yourself to the back of the store where you will give a bra-fitting specialist your name and wait in a guaranteed line for it to be called.

Ten to fifteen minutes later, you will be assigned a specialist and a room in which you promptly become topless in front of a perfect stranger. She'll look you up and down and ask a few questions about what you're in the market for (if you're lucky). She'll swoop out like superman and leave you standing by your naked self in front of the mirror. And you'll feel like you've just been invaded by an unrelatable amount of insecurity.

The upside to this otherwise uncomfortable situation is that you are guaranteed to go home with goods that you never and most likely for the past umpteen years, never imagined existed. You will feel a sense of heroism walking out with your brand new bust, and I guarantee that if you were considering a boob job, reduction, or anything in between, will be forever indebted to the ladies that are trained to eyeball your breast and produce perfection.

For the sake of swimsuit season here are the three brands that I never knew existed before my visit to Town Shop this season. Not only are they affordable, the tops actually make you feel as though you're wearing a supportive bra. Plus, they sell by bra size!

Here they are, in order of affordability:

Panache ($91 for the top and bottom)

Freya ($96 for the top and bottom)

Vix ($164 for the top and bottom)

And don't worry, I didn't forget about you gals that don't live in or frequent Manhattan. Town Shop now offers online shopping with a "no questions asked" return policy.

Signing Off Relieved,

-- Renee

Renee Woodruff blogs about travel, food and living life to the fullest on Follow her on Twitter.

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