The Shady Beauty Secrets You Keep from Your Man

Real women confess the secret single-girl beauty behaviors they consider too embarrassing to do in front of their guys

"Trimming My Nose Hair"


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"I don't know why, but I have these freakishly long hairs in my nostrils! It hurts so bad to pluck and so I cry, which makes my nose run, so there I am standing in front of the mirror with tears and snot running down my face and metal tweezers jammed up my nose." -Kellie L.

"Cutting My Toenails"


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"That is the one thing that should be 100 percent private. One day, I was at work, and a coworker sat down and started cutting his toenails. You better believe I put a stop to that. You do that in the bathroom-and you shut the door-because no one needs to see that!" -Melanie T.

"Shaving My Legs"


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"I don't even let my husband watch when I shave. I don't want him to know I even grow hair on my legs. As far as he knows, I'm naturally as smooth as the day I was born." -Shari H.

"Putting on My Hair Piece"


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"I have a really high-quality clip-in hair piece, and once it's in, nobody knows I wear one. But putting it in shows the ugly baldness on the back of my head. There's no way I'd let my man watch me put it in or take it out! Can't we all just pretend I have perfect hair?" -Lia F.

"Trying on a Million Outfits"


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"I have this weird phobia of trying on outfits to wear for the day in front of my husband. What if the pants don't zip up this time? What if I look completely ridiculous? I would rather he just see the finished product." -Carrie S.

"Waxing My Facial Hair"


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"Ever since I was a teenager, I've had fine, blond hair all over my face. It's like a baby beard. So I wax my 'stache, cheeks, chin, and jawline, and it's not pretty. But it's better than being the bearded lady." -Colette S.

"Tweezing My Nipple Hair"


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"Don't act like you didn't know those exist! I know I am not the only girl with nip pubes. I used to shave them, but then they would grow back all stubbly so now I just yank 'em out. No one even knows I have them. Wait, stop, you're going to change my name, right?" -Curly Sue [Ed note: We changed her name.]

"Grating the Dead Skin Off My Feet"


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"I have one of those things, it looks like a mini cheese grater, that you use to scrape all the dead skin off your heels. I love doing it but I have to be totally alone because I open up the container and play with the dead skin. There's just something so satisfying about seeing all that junk that comes off your feet! I can't stop touching it." -Emma J.

"Popping a Zit"


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"My boyfriend loves to watch zits pop and is always begging me to let him pop mine. Sometimes he'll even try to sneak into the bathroom if he thinks I have one ready to go. (I swear he has other redeeming qualities!) But there are just some things couples shouldn't share, and pus is one of them. No thanks!" -Evie H.

"Lasering My Pubes"


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"I bought this amazing laser at Costco and I used it to clean up my pubic hair. It worked, mostly. But you have to do touch-ups to get the best results. Sometimes this involves some interesting when I'm getting ready to aim a laser at my hoo-ha while I do gymnastics, I lock the bathroom down tighter than Fort Knox."

-Amelia P.

"Putting on Lipstick"


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"Someone once told me that their secret fetish was watching women put on lipstick in public. Ever since then I've made it a point to put it on only in private! It's not the sex thing, though-I just don't want the pressure of feeling like I need to put on a show or like I'm performing. I make all kinds of weird faces and check my teeth and sometimes floss and really, it's kind of gross."

-Tania A.

"Applying Deodorant"


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"As far as my boyfriend is concerned, I don't sweat, I sparkle."

-Holly R.

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