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SHAPE Best Blogger Awards: The 20 Top Beauty Blogs for Active Chicks

Best Beauty Blogger: Jen of My Beauty Bunny

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My Beauty Bunny is an award-winning blog that focuses on finding the best cruelty-free beauty products and cosmetics from all around the globe.

Best Beauty Blogger: Trisha of Makeup Files

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Trisha writes makeup and product reviews, provides tips and tricks, and is always up-to-date on the latest trends at the Makeup Files. If you need beauty how-tos or inspiration, she's your girl!

Best Beauty Blogger: Adrienne and Stephanie of How to Be a Redhead

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Adrienne and Stephanie, the sisters who run How to Be a Redhead decided that when they couldn't find a beauty community for natural-born redheads like themselves, they'd start one! Not a redhead? That's okay! You don't have to be in order to enjoy the makeup tips and tricks, interviews and fun fashion news and trends.

Best Beauty Blogger: Carleen Pruess Coulter of Girl Gloss

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Attorney by day, beauty expert by night, Carleen Pruess Coulter knows what it feels like to be a beauty addict. She's a self-proclaimed lip balm addict herself. Her site, Girl Gloss focuses on "lipstick, makeup, gloss and bling," and includes weekly news round-ups, as well as information on different fragrances and various natural and organic products.

Best Beauty Blogger: Karen of The Makeup and Beauty Blog

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Karen, "your friendly neighborhood beauty addict," brings you polls, products and the latest in beauty news at The Makeup and Beauty Blog. She also sometimes posts random pictures of her cat, Tabs, and of Ryan Gosling.

Best Beauty Blogger: Sara of The Daily Polish

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365 days of nail polish, 24 hours, 7 days a week perfectly describes The Daily Polish. The Daily Polish tests out a new nail polish every day (yup, really), and provides pictures of what they look like.

Best Beauty Blogger: Nicki of Future Derm

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Nicki is a medical student who aims to provide clear, well-researched information about beauty and skincare from a different perspective from most in the blogosphere. Her site, Future Derm, recently expanded to include information on fashion and style, nutrition and fitness, and personal health.

Best Beauty Blogger: Amber of Beauty Blogging Junkie

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Amber Katz, of The Beauty Blogging Junkie mixes beauty and pop culture news and references in her blog to bring you updates, trends and fashion.

Best Beauty Blogger: Carla and Laurie of Product Girl

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Carla and Laurie of Product Girl bring you everything that has to do with beauty--nail polish, eye makeup, lipstick, you name it, they've tried, tested and reviewed it!

Best Beauty Blogger: Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly

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Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly is run by Kristina, the "everygirl," who's not 5'9 and slender, rather she's "5'2 with kankles." She takes the latest and greatest fashion trends and pares them down for everyday wear.

Best Beauty Blogger: Tammy of A Mom in Red High Heels

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Tammy covers everything beauty and fashion and does it all in heels! Her goal with A Mom in Red High Heels is to help moms realize that they don't have to give up their favorite beauty routines even if they've got no time. Plus, if you send her a picture of yourself in red high heels, she'll feature you on the site!

Best Beauty Blogger: Julia of All About the Pretty

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Whether it's information on beauty, travel, or food and wine you're searching for, Julia of All About the Pretty has it! With an emphasis on fashion and beauty, All About the Pretty's sure to make all you beauty junkies out there happy!

Best Beauty Blogger: Jessica and the team at Lovelyish

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Lovelyish is a blog about beauty, fashion and makeup. Run by a small editorial team of 20something women in the U.S., the site also has a sister site in Hong Kong, and a syndication program with other beauty and fashion bloggers to bring you the latest and greatest in new and original content.

Best Beauty Blogger: Sapna of My Style Bell

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My Style Bell is different from the rest of the beauty blogs in that it focuses entirely on hair. If you ever had questions about hair, say, for example, you were wondering why you'd ever want to put cornstarch in your hair, well, My Style Bell has the answer (yes, even to that question!).

Best Beauty Blogger: Shannon Nelson of A Girl's Gotta Spa!

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Social media consultant Shannon knows the beauty industry from both the perspective of the consumer and the business, and she brings knowledge about both to her blog, A Girl's Gotta Spa!. Her tagline says, "Because we all deserve a little pampering." We agree!

Best Beauty Blogger: Annie of Blogdorf Goodman

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Blogdorf Goodman is a "mishmash of beauty product reviews, musings on fashion and swooning over fragrances," according to webmaster Annie. Whatever you call it, we love it!

Best Beauty Blogger: Kathryn of The Budget Fashionista

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If you're like us (or, okay, maybe just me) and you need some help understanding the low-down of online coupons, sample sales and awesome deals, then The Budget Fashionista might be able to help you out.

Best Beauty Blogger: Amber of Beauty Junkies Unite

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Beauty Junkies Unite is a haven for all things "beauty-full." Run by Amber, who's a beauty-industry expert, this blog features all kinds of product giveaways, reviews and reader opinions on the best beauty products out there.

Best Beauty Blogger: Christine of 15-Minute Beauty Fanatic

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Christine of 15-Minute Beauty Fanatic is just a "high-maintenance girl in search of an easier beauty routine." An easier beauty routine? We can definitely support that!

Best Beauty Blogger: Maria of Beauty is Within

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Beauty is Within is a beauty and fashion blog dedicated to helping women strike that perfect balance between their inner beauty and outer beauty.


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