Shape Your Eyebrows, Change Your Look

We learned this fantastic eyebrow trick from the top makeup artists in New York and we guarantee it will give you a lift and instantly change your look. Sisley Paris Makeup Artist, Monika Borja, taught us how to shape your eyebrows for a fuller, lifted look with these 4 simple steps:

1. To shape perfect eyebrows, first fill your brows in with an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil (choose the one that best matches your brow color). Go all the way to the part of your brow that lines up with where your nose starts.

2. If you have thin brows to begin with, further shape them using the pencil. Draw tiny hair-like lines on the tops and bottoms of eyebrows to create thickness.

3.Use mascara to brush your brows upward.

4. To finish shaping your eyebrows, let the mascara dry, and fill in with the eyebrow pencil if extra fullness is needed.

Once you've made your brows fuller with this shaping trick, you don't need much more makeup. Just use a bit of nude lipstick or gloss to completely change your look-it's so simple, yet so effective at vamping your style.

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