This $13 Face Mask from Target Is Lo Bosworth's Best-Kept Skin-Care Secret

Shoppers swear it "will make you look well-rested and hydrated" after just one use.

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From butter-soft leggings and Instagram-worthy fitness equipment to monogrammed mugs and budget-friendly beauty buys, you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who can't discover something to love (and buy, in excess) at Target — Hollywood's biggest names included. Case in point? Lo Bosworth, who recently revealed the skin-care product she loves from the mecca marketplace.

On Sunday, the former reality TV star went on a Target run and took her 832,000 Instagram followers along, posting photos of her finds. While she appeared to be disappointed with her initial hunt, Bosworth was able to find a shelf of Versed's Photos, Please Brightening Tightening Face Mask (Buy It, $13, Seemingly stoked about her skin-care discovery, the CEO and founder of Love Wellness shared a close-up image of multiple pouches of the product with the text, "Okay, not totally shut out. I love this freaking face mask @versed." (Yes, it's the same company that makes the "miracle serum" you've been seeing everywhere.)

A woman of mystery, Bosworth didn't provide her fans with any insight as to exactly why she "love[s]" Versed's clean-beauty creation, but a deeper dive into the mask's standout features makes it clear why the celeb — and, frankly, anyone — would sing its praises.

Designed to turn your complexion from "blah" to "ta-dah," Photos, Please Brightening Tightening Mask contains quite the lineup of powerhouse ingredients to transform your skin for the better. First, there's kaolin clay — a soothing substance that draws impurities from your skin like a gentle vacuum — and then there's turmeric — an antioxidant-rich spice that brightens and evens skin tone. (

In addition to these core ingredients, Versed's face mask also calls upon witch hazel to complete its complexion-boosting magic. Not only does the botanical extract absorb excess oil (thanks to its rich composition of tannins), but it also delivers a pore-tightening, skin-smoothing effect that comes pretty damn close to an IG filter. And get this: The Bosworth-approved beauty buy (say that five times fast) promises results in just 10-15 minutes.


"I love that this mask is thick yet smooth and easy to massage over my entire face. I find that it dries relatively quickly for easy removal and my face always feels fresher after use," writes one pleased purchaser. "This is a routine staple!"

Another Target reviewer shares, "You know how your face looks the next day when you do your entire skin-care ritual the night before, drank a gallon of water the day before, and got 12 hours of sleep? Well, that's what this mask does."

And while the pink-hued pick has wracked up an impressive 4.7 stars on Target, there seems to be one con amongst customers: the size. "Wish this was a bigger jar but it works great," writes one buyer, who still says "my skin has never felt better" thanks to the face mask. One pocket-sized pouch contains about 1.5 fl oz of product, which, according to the packaging, equals about 12+ applications. That means each self-care Sunday spent wearing the mask costs a little less than $1.

So, ummm, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Scoring The Hills-level skin of your tween dreams has never been more affordable. (Up next: The Best Target Skin-Care Finds, According to Dermatologists)

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