Shoppers Are Calling These Wrinkle-Smoothing Patches a Botox Alternative 

Reviewers swear they took “10 years” off their face.

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The internet is still buzzing about Daxxify, the newly FDA-approved anti-wrinkle drug that's already been dubbed a Botox competitor. However, even with all the hype surrounding the new treatment (and fillers in general), the risks simply aren't worth it for everyone — common side effects include facial swelling, headaches, and unintended migration, along with some rarer, more serious complications, like infection. Luckily, for those who'd rather skip the needle and save some money, there are some great non-invasive alternatives out there.

Take the Peace Out Wrinkles Microneedling Patches, for instance. Like other shopper-loved smoothing patches, they restrict facial movement, therefore preventing creasing. However, thanks to hundreds of microneedles on their interior surface, they also deeply penetrate into the skin to deliver a boost of plumping hyaluronic acid and brightening vitamin C. Each patch also contains retinol to diminish wrinkles and discoloration by increasing the rate of cell turnover. For best use, the brand suggests applying the patches to areas of concern (like over crow's feet, smile lines, or forehead creases) and leaving them on for several hours or overnight. (BTW: TikTok is calling this $10 toner a "game changer" for healthier hair and skin.)

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Buy It: Peace Out Wrinkles Microneedling Patches, $24, and

"I skipped the Botox treatment! These patches work great," raved one shopper on the brand's site. Another reviewer said they're "cheaper, less painful, and more natural-looking than using fillers," and called them a great "plump-me-up" before special events. A third added that after using them for one night, "it looked like 10 years [had been] taken off" their face. (Pssst: Hilary Duff hasn't had a facial in three years — here are the products she's used instead.)

Wrinkles can be frustrating to tackle, but you don't necessarily need to try out the latest procedures to get the results you want. Shop these smoothing patches for $24 at Peace Out and Amazon.

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