Seed to Skin Is the Luxurious, Clean Skin-Care Brand You Need In Your Vanity

Founder Jeanette Thottrup believes you shouldn't have to choose between clean and effective formulas.

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Photo: Seed to Skin

At 35, Jeanette Thottrup realized that becoming pregnant was going to be more of a challenge than she'd anticipated. Hoping to start a family with her husband, she'd gone through a round of IVF but didn't have any luck.

Determined to try every fertility option available, the then-fashion designer started to explore alternative paths. "I saw a Chinese herbalist, and started on a PH alkaline diet," she says. "I saw an acupuncturist, and I just went into this whole thing — I started reading books left, right, and center about what could be wrong, how I could heal, all these types of things." She ultimately became pregnant with her now-15-year-old son, she says.

Thottrup's new interest in holistic health stuck, and she pivoted away from fashion design to study natural medicine. Over the next few years, she worked with an herbalist, a homeopathist, and an aromatherapist, and realized that she was especially interested in the realm of natural skin care. She eventually teamed up with cosmetic chemist Anna Buonocore, Ph.D., and started working on creating a skin-care line that would combine Thottrup's knowledge of natural herbal remedies and Buonocore's formulation know-how. (

The result? Seed to Skin, a luxury natural skin-care brand that's now stocked in spas around the world. The brand emphasizes its hands-on approach to creating its products — everything's produced at Borgo Santo Pietro, a 300-acre estate in Tuscany with a 5-star hotel and spa. There, through a pane of glass, visitors can view the lab where Seed to Skin products are developed. Many of the ingredients in the brand's products come straight from farmland at Borgo Santo Pietro. Any outside growers are vetted on various aspects down to what type of soil they're using.

Seed to Skin offers the types of products you might expect from a spa-focused brand, including face masks and intensive overnight treatments. A customer favorite, The Black Magic Mask (Buy It, $150, combines ingredients such as volcanic clay, and salicylic and mandelic acids to unclog pores. The Divine Cleanse (Buy It, $100,, a cleansing emulsifying gel with green clay, is a 2021 Shape Editors' Pick. (

Seed to Skin sits within the trend of "cleanical" skin care, or brands that aim to offer clinically-formulated products while meeting the standards of the clean beauty movement. This approach was important to Thottrup from the outset, who describes Seed to Skin as "high-tech clean."

"I feel that in the world of skin care, people are still very much either to this side or to that side — science or clean skin care is better, no questions asked," says Thottrup. "I don't think we need to throw all the science out because we have found that some aspects don't work. I think we have to take the best from that world, and the best from the clean skin-care movement."

In Seed to Skin's take on science-based clean skin care, the brand predominantly uses natural ingredients, but some formulas are just shy of 100 percent natural when the team sees a convincing need. (For instance, a formula might incorporate a synthetic version of vitamin B3 rather than a natural source such as liver or eggs, says Thottrup.)

As Thottrup set out to prove, choosing between science-driven skin care or clean beauty products doesn't have to be an either-or scenario. Luckily, even if you can't travel to the Borgo Santo Pietro to enjoy farm-to-table dining and spa treatments (at least not right now — thanks COVID), you can still splurge on a small sliver of the estate with one of Seed to Skin's luxury products.

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