I've Used This $7 Rose-Scented Salve to Fend Off Chapped Lips for 10 Years

The affordable lip product, which is packed with moisturizing ingredients, has long been a staple in my daily skin-care routine.

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Shape Certified: I’ve Used This $7 Rose-Scented Salve to Fend Off Chapped Lips for 10 Years
Photo: Sephora

No matter how many years it's been, it's so easy to recall your first-time experiences. Your first kiss, your first time driving solo, and your first sip of alcohol. These "firsts" are often major, life-changing moments, but sometimes, they're seemingly mundane, like my very first trip to Sephora at 14 years old. It was then that I was introduced to the world of skin care and, most importantly, discovered Smith's Rosebud Slave by Rosebud Perfume Co — a luxurious lip salve that beats out drugstore balms by a landslide.

Unlike other lip products on the market, which seem to provide little relief and evaporate from my lips after just a few minutes, this salve instantly soothes itchy, dry skin and keeps it hydrated for hours. And my relationship with Smith's Rosebud Slave wasn't just a short-lived, high-school fling. In fact, it snowballed into a long-term love affair, and 10 years later, I'm still just as obsessed with the beauty product as I was the first day I slathered it on my lips — here's why.

Smith's Rosebud Salve Key Features

  • How I tested: I applied the salve to my lips almost daily for the last 10 years.
  • Perfect for: Nourishing dry, chapped lips year-round and soothing irritated noses during cold and flu season.
  • What you'll love: The salve has a buttery, non-sticky texture, smells faintly like freshly cut flowers, and keeps your lips moisturized overnight.
  • Keep in mind: Since the salve is packaged in a metal tin, you'll need to apply it to your skin with a clean finger or small brush, which can be challenging while on the go.
  • Key ingredients: Surgical-grade petroleum jelly and cotton seed oil (to moisturize and lock in hydration), essential oils, and botanicals.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith's Rosebud Salve

Shape Certified: I’ve Used This $7 Rose-Scented Salve to Fend Off Chapped Lips for 10 Years

Smith's Rosebud Salve Review

Created back in 1892, Smith's Rosebud Salve is essentially a lightweight, floral-scented form of petroleum jelly that offers all the moisturizing perks without the stickiness. The salve is tinted a gorgeous rose color, which emphasizes your natural lip color and imparts a healthy shine. And in a single swipe, it instantly relieves chapped lips and keeps dryness at bay for hours to come.

Exhibit A: Every night before I slip into bed, I use my (clean!) middle finger to scoop up a small dollop of the creamy salve and gently glide it over my lips. By morning, I can still feel a thin layer of the salve coating my lips, which feel pillowy soft, well-moisturized, and crack-free. But the miracle product isn'tjust for your mouth: During cold and flu season, when I'm constantly reaching for tissues, the salve helps heal my irritated, chapped nose, too.

Shape Certified: I’ve Used This $7 Rose-Scented Salve to Fend Off Chapped Lips for 10 Years
Courtesy of Megan Falk

Even if you use the salve daily like I do, the 2-inch-wide tin is seemingly endless — I've barely made a dent in the container I bought four months ago. When you finally use up every last drop, though, you can then use the washed tin to stash bobby pins and spare change, or even create a DIY tealight, which makes Smith's Rosebud Salve eco-friendly to boot.

Still, this reusable tin packaging can become a bit of a hassle when you're traveling, as you can't just take off the cap and easily swipe on a coat. Instead, you'll need to apply it with clean fingertips or a makeup brush, which may be difficult if you're, say, hiking or spending a day at the beach. Luckily, Smith's Rosebud Salve is also available in a squeezable tube package equipped with a plastic applicator, so you can keep this mess-free version in your bag if you're constantly developing chapped lips while out and about.

After a decade of religious use, I can confidently say Smith's Rosebud Salve is a worthy addition to anyone's daily skin-care routine, whether you're in need of a balm that quickly alleviates dryness during the day or a mask-like product that provides intense moisture overnight. Trust me, your lips will never look or feel healthier.

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