These sleep­-proof styles will guarantee you catch a few more ZZZs and still wake up with gorgeous strands—no matter your hair type

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Lauren Perlstein

We're not going to beat around the bush: We're in an intimate relationship with our beds. We'll do anything to eke out just a few more minutes in our favorite comfy place-which usually means shaving some serious time off our morning hair routines. That being said, we're pretty into our locks looking good, too. Can't we have both?

The answer is yes. Here, Mia Santiago, hair guru of Sally Hershberger Uptown Salon, introduces us to the mystical ways of twisting your mane into a sleep­-proof style that will guarantee you catch a few more ZZZs, yet still wake up with gorgeous strands-no matter your hair type. With her sorcery, you'll be putting the beauty in beauty sleep. Warn your snooze button: It's about to get a serious workout.

Straight Hair

Santiago pretty much reiterated what everyone with straight hair already knows: It's very difficult for second­-day strands to stay, well, straight. So, she suggests working in some beach-babe texture with a bunch of boho braids.

This style sets best when it's done in hair that's 80-to-­90 percent dry, so Santiago advises to first mist it with a touch of water. Next, divide it into four sections, instead of the typical two you're used to. "Four sections will ensure the back of your hair is as waved as the front," explains Santiago. Split your hair ear-to-ear and then front-to-back. Braid each section, pin the plaits up, and slumber away.

If you want even more defined waves, Santiago suggests running a flat iron over each braid before you let them out in the morning. Once the hair cools, remove the elastics. "If you need to amp it up, feel free to run a curling iron over a couple of pieces, but this isn't necessary," she says. Spritz down with a texture spray, like Kérastase Spray à Porter, and fuzz up random pieces with your fingers. And, just like that, you've got cool­-girl texture that will last all day.

Natural Hair

"The biggest headache for women with natural hair is the frizz that comes from cotton pillowcases," says Santiago. But, if you don't want to plop down cash on a silk pillowcase (or, if you're traveling and didn't BYOP), grab a silk scarf instead. You can find them on the cheap at most vintage stores.

First, work a hydration cream into your hair. Santiago loves Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration. Then, secure the hair on top of your head - also known as pineappling. "Instead of a scrunchie, try using a series of bungee elastics," she says. Then, secure your scarf around all of your hair.

In the morning, remove the scarf and the bungee elastics, and break apart any clumped-together curls with your fingers. For extra shine and hydration, Santiago suggests spritzing on a dry-oil spray, like Herbal Essences'.

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