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This Smart Mirror Can Tell You Your Perfect Bra Size and Style in Seconds


To buy a bra that fits properly these days, you almost need a math degree. First you have to know your real measurements and then you have to add an inch to the band size but subtract a cup size. Or you have to add a cup size when you subtract a band size. There's even a Best Bra for Every Breast Type! And then it all changes from brand to brand. There are charts to help you figure this out, but eventually you have to wonder: Why does this have to be so hard? We're fitting breasts, not seals on nuclear warheads!

If only there were a way to just look at your girls in the mirror and know what size to pick off the rack.

Busty and bitty babes, you're in luck! This is exactly what Rigby and Peller, a Hong Kong-based lingerie store, says they can do now. The secret to a perfectly-fit bra is a smart mirror technology called Catherine. Catherine looks like a regular dressing room mirror, but actually houses a sophisticated camera system that takes over 140 measurements of your chest while you do a little twirl. The mirror then analyzes the data and sends your results to a tablet which will not only tell you your true bra size, but how that translates from brand to brand.

"Customers can pinpoint exact things so they do not have to spend too much time perusing all the products and trying them all on," said Jeanne Tan, an associate professor of textiles and clothing who helped develop the technology. She added that she hopes this will become the standard of service throughout the industry and that women will start demanding accurate measurements.

Cute bras that fit perfectly without having to spend hours standing half-naked in a poorly lit dressing room? Yes, please! (And when it comes to your fitness routine, don't miss these Sexy Sports Bras to Spice Up Your Wardrobe.)


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