The beauty trend that started on our cheeks (then made its way to our legs) is showing up in yet another place

Remember when we used to think face contouring was wild? Well, that seems positively tame compared to butt contouring. Yes, really-see it for yourself this video starring @nycdragun, a makeup artist slash Instagram sensation. (PSA: Use headphones if you're at the office, and maybe save it for later if you work in a super-corporate setting.)

Much like the leg and cheek contouring trends that have preceded this new viral sensation, butt contouring uses darker and lighter tones to detract attention from and play up certain areas. In the case of butt contouring, the idea is to create a rounder booty-because we live in the age of the ass, right? Although "Nikita Mother of Dragun" (@nycdragun's possible name/alias) at first looked like she could be undergoing some version of CoolSculpting, it turns out she was just utilizing her contouring prowess to create a bootylicious look.

I own my fair share of contouring kits and am determined to give the people the truth, so in the name of journalism, I figured I'd give this whole butt contouring thing a shot. I employed the technique in the video-darker shades around the edges, highlighter on the high points-and unsurprisingly, my ass looked kind of amazing. Contouring works. This is not news.

If you want to give butt contouring a try, Nikita used Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer ($29; and Anatsasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit ($40;, but you can get everything in one neat package and for an even better price with the new Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour Kit ($13;

But let's be honest: Why would you really need your butt contoured? We say leave this trend behind-pun, of course, 100 percent intended-in favor of these 16 Squats That'll Work Your Butt Off.