This Simple Mist Stopped My Post-Workout Body Breakouts In Their Tracks

The acne-fighting solution is the brainchild of two Glossier alums.

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Prone to post-workout breakouts? I found the simplest solution to treat your whole body
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There is an unholy alliance between working out and breaking out. The combination of sweat and formfitting sportswear fosters an environment for bacteria and clogged pores to lead to acne, specifically body acne. I used to always associate a mild sweat session at pilates with unwelcome bumps and congested skin on my body, especially my chest, shoulders, and back. Since finding and keeping Soft Services Clearing Mist in my go bag, however, the problem has slowly faded into oblivion.

Soft Services is a brand from two Glossier alums, Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou, that brings thefocus and level of treatment of facial skin products to the body. The clearing mist specifically targets the breakouts and irritation caused by sweat or tight workout clothes, and it does just that.

When I work out, I have to strap my DDDs in with a sports bra that involves a number of security contraptions, including Velcro and metal bra hooks. Whether or not I've sweat profusely, the areas where my sports bra makes contact with skin (see: chest, shoulders, and back) are always inflamed and bordering on sebaceous after I exercise. But Soft Services' "breakout tonic" has been a game-changer for my irritated skin.

CLEARING MIST Medicated Breakout Tonic
Soft Services

Buy It: Soft Services Clearing Mist, $26,

The zinc in the mist's formula regulates oil production, but it's also antimicrobial, meaning it fights — and stops — the creation of bacteria. The niacinamide in the mist repairs and protects your skin from further damage or irritation, while the salicylic acid, a gentle but effective chemical exfoliant, gets to work on the existing acne.

Throughout the summer, I kept the clearing mist in the tote bag I use for everything, be itgoing to the beach, working out, or hoofing it to Grand Central. Let me tell you, this spray is… A DREAM.

The texture goes on like water — without a trace. There is no sticky aftermath. The scent is clean and medicinal. But, most importantly: It works. Whenever I leave a pilates class for the perpetual humidity of New York City, I generously mist this all over my torso and down my backside. It mitigates the breakouts and the irritation. Prior to discovering this miracle product, I would to run home after I worked out to get the sweaty clothing off my body ASAP to help with the situation. Now after a workout, I go for leisurely strolls, I grab a juice, or I sit in the park because I am not riddled with anxiety about coming home to find that my skin has severely revolted against me. I will be keeping this in my gym tote forever more. Buy it now on Soft Services for $26.

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