Steal the Sporty Beauty Looks from Justin Bieber's New Music Videos

When it comes to the singer's new videos, sporty is the new sexy. We've got the deets on how to make your hair and makeup Bieber-approved


If you're a human with a pulse, you miiiiight have heard that Justin Bieber recently dropped a new album, Purpose: The Movement, with 13 upbeat songs that are quickly reaching instant gym playlist status. (They're so good, you're going to want to add them to your list of the Top Workout Songs for November 2015.)

But if you've seen the videos (all released at once, Yoncé style), you've probably noticed Bieber isn't really in them at all. Instead, the backup dancers are front and center-and we can't stop obsessing over their beauty looks. From bright, bold makeup to slicked-back hair, the ladies are rocking a sportier vibe that blows all the sexy looks from Bieber's past music videos out the water.

With that, we introduce to you: athleisure-level hair and makeup, the coolest trend in music. Steal the styles from our favorite videos, below.


Everything about the beauty in this music video screams '90s-it's sporty, bright, and cool as hell. For this look, you'll want the same energy in your makeup as you would have in your dance moves. First, swipe on a red-pink lipstick for an instant pop of color. (According to Refinery29, the dancers are all wearing MAC Lipstick in Ruby Roo, $17; To score the same winged eyeliner-perfection, grab a business card. Hold it diagonally, past the outer corner of your upper eye, and trace your black liquid liner along the card's edge. Finish with a few swooshes of mascara for extra drama.

For hair, think of these high ponytails the way you would Justin Bieber's on-stage legwork: slick. "All of the styles are pulled back and off the face," says Nate Rosenkranz, celebrity hairstylist for Alterna Haircare. To get the same sleek pony sans bumps, he suggests doing it in sections. "Gather the top layer of your hair, starting near your ears, and pull upward. Make sure your roots are smooth, secure it in place, then continue with 1-inch sections of the bottom portion of your hair until it's all in." (Don't miss these 8 Celebrity-Inspired Ways To Rock a Ponytail!)

"Life Is Worth Living"

While the makeup in this video is minimal-a little tinted moisturizer, at most-the traffic cone-shaped topknot is as fascinating as the contemporary dance itself. "It's a cool new version of the classic ballerina bun," says Rosenkranz. And he says it's easier than it seems to create a similar style: Pull all of your hair up toward the top center of your head and secure it with an elastic. With the ponytail end closest to the elastic, twist strands upward-creating a funnel cloud shape- until it bends back on itself. Then wrap your remaining strands back down around the ponytail to create the cone.

"No Sense"

If this video taught us anything, it's that you can rock a ball cap and still look fierce. All you need is a bold, budge-proof lipstick (we like the Stila lip stain from 10 Lipsticks That Stay On All Day). And to keep your hue vibrant during the most intense dance moves, adopt this tried-and-true trick: Apply your lipstick and wait a few seconds for the formula to dry. Then place tissue paper on top of your lips and lightly dust translucent powder along the outline of your lips, through the tissue, to help lock the color in place. (Love the backup dancers' moves in this video as much as the beauty looks? Check out these 5 Dance Classes That Double as Cardio Workouts.)

"Love Yourself"

From Naomi Campbell's new lob to Ruby Rose's pixie, short hair is back and bigger than ever. Just take Mariel Madrid, the dancer in the Love Yourself video. "She has a short cropped layer cut, which draws attention to all her features," Rosenkranz says. "To me, short hair says I am confident. And there's nothing sexier than a confident woman."

And if you were dying to try the deep Bordeaux-hued lipstick as much as we were at the 3:05 mark, we suggest Covergirl Outlast Longwear Lipstick in Red Rouge ($7; drugstores).

"Mark My Words"

We couldn't let you go without teaching you how to get Biebs' face-framing, bushy brows! Since the look is more unkempt than precise, all you'll need to do here is beef 'em up. If you weren't born with his natural fringe, fill in sparse spots with a tinted gel like the Glossier Boy Brow ($16; It's like mascara for your brows-you can add some bulk, color, and definition in just one swoosh. (And for more advice like this, check out Your Perfect Eyebrows Playbook.)

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